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Literally…. figuratively…. take it as you will. Just trying to stay afloat! ; ) Yea, I know you like that one.

Things are certainly busy. But such a great busy. We’ve really been doing some fun stuff, kids are in some great activities, and enjoying it all. We have actually added swimming to the agenda for the next couple of weeks at least, and that’s really fun too! The pool is virtually our own for 3 hours, as it seems no one in Glenview really utilizes this fabulous facility. The weather is slowly but surely getting warmer and this is getting us all ready for beach season! Can’t wait!

Some classes will be ending (well many) by the end of April and I am SO thrilled. I have not had much time for reading and not really on track with my goal of completing (reading) 5-6 books before my training in May. Makes me a bit nervous, and really want to have more time to study and read!

So many milestones happening around here. M is sitting up, scooting around, really nearly crawling. Well… she’s getting around, but not the traditional crawl yet. Her hair is filling out a bit, she’s got a tooth breaking (1st!!) on the bottom. She’s eating a TINY bit, but she just loves the option! She’s tried Cheerios, bread (crumbs), and sucked on carrots, celery and even the juice out of a grape and orange. She’s so hilarious. The sweetest little thing you’ve ever met! Laughs at ALL of her siblings and just makes your heart melt. Can’t even believe that she’s already 6.5 months! (OH… and she’s wearing 18 mos clothing! ; )

S is starting to use the toilet! That’s huge news around here. He seems to have had a major growth spurt physically…. well all around really. He’s been in a pull-up for about a week and doing fairly good. Has his moments, but really… its cause he just won’t stop what he’s doing to go. He’s well aware, and feels horrible remorse after. But, man, who would want to stop what they are doing to have to go the bathroom!! ; ) He’s very funny little guy with performance anxiety, so even at the grocery store I have to stand outside the stall door! LOL. Ha… motherhood. Hmmm…. He’s turning 3 years old in just a couple weeks! I think I might tear up for this one (well… already am just writing about it!). He wants to go to Chucky Cheeses. Mama’s gonna have to brace herself for that one. He’s a little prince charming. He is so insanely sweet and the only one that calls me “Mama”. I will cherish that forever. The busy lil’ man seems to have really developed quite a following. Many of his friends are 5 years old and upwards! He’s not totally sure how to take the attention, but after a minute of thinking about it, he really is proud of the adventures with “his friends”. AND… he’s taking his own class now! It’s a Move and Play class that he does all on his own! 1st week was so funny b/c he was there with me, totally alone, and he just did not know what the heck was going on. But after about 10 minutes he was fully on board and had a blast!

D is in full art-swing. She’s been doing lots o’ art classes. Soccer started up this week and their team had a whoppin’ huge score on their first game of the season. I do hope that she gains more confidence on that field and I see a little assertiveness venture out and even spill over into other areas of life. She’s made some new friends and has a super nice network of people she truly loves spending time with. My super-duper-busy-body can’t ever be still. She is much like her mama, I full acknowledge that and take full blame. But she has a notch up on me in that even when I just want to sit and nurse for a few minutes, (or even just sit!!! ; ) she’s still going strong and not satisfied unless busy. Oh how much she can drive me up a freakin’ wall, and yet… oh how much I see so much more of me in her that I have a hard time acknowledging! ; ) lol. She is kinda a mini-me and I spend much time trying not to even mention things like that b/c she is such an amazing girl, I want her to discover that for herself…. NOW. (Delayed gratification does not bold well for me…. I’d like to see her experience her awesomeness for herself NOW! ; )

K is into big, big things. He’s love love loving his classes. His IIT class, so far has been a huge hit. Aside from some very real “schooly” experiences we have all (even parents) have encountered, he has already learned a ton and accomplished some amazing things. To have developed and idea so much, have dreamt it up in his head, and materialized on paper and on the computer. I’m super proud of his accomplishments. He’s done much with little griping and really grasped the seriousness of the project. Aside, he too has had major growth spurts in all departments. I see the pre-teen thing approaching more and more and excited to see where this adventure leads us.

Can’t help but think about the tides of change hitting me now as well. We do still have a baby in the house, and even a wee-one not quite a preschooler in my book. But, I think I had one of “those” moments when I was purging some stuff for a friends fundraising garage sale. They had asked for donations, and I was certain I could dig stuff up. I went through clothes especially and found that we were passing on baby stuff. Things that were worn by D and then M, and then yet others that were worn by K and then S. OH, that hit me kinda hard. Passing on something we’ve had for 9 years that my 1st born wore. Yipes. And the passing of the baby bath. M has outgrown it, and so that went as well. It’s exciting to see that we are entering this new phase of life. But also a bit frightening as I will be this mother of “older” children, and therefore…. I’m ‘old’?!?! Ok, well…. getting older. Wow. That’s just something I don’t dwell on…. ever…. but have recently felt it with the vast changes I see all in a small chunk of time.

And… on that note…. we’re headed swimming tomorrow : )

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