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Suspicions confirmed and denied – Nakita Baby
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Suspicions confirmed and denied

So….. let’s see. About 20-ish weeks along I was doing my usual home prenatal checks and detected two heartbeats on our fetal Doppler. It kind of threw me through a loop at first, but after further investigating, I did realize I could just be hearing echoing. I did have the opportunity, right about that time, just before our travels, to visit a midwives office and get a quicky ultrasound to see if we could indeed see two babes in there, and it did appear that it was likely just one.

Off we went on our travels and during such, I have many a new pregnancy symptoms, far different than all of the other pregnancies, and yet not really alarming me either. Each pregnancy has had it’s own uniqueness and I did not think twice about the feelings and experiences I was having. What did get me, however, was baby movement. I could swear that the movement in my belly, as time rolled on, increased to what felt like a major party going on in there. Again, my suspicions arose to the point that I wanted to just double check again.

When I do a Doppler, I could always detect two heartbeats, but that was not what was irking my brain. What really got me curious was the movement in my belly. The quadrant moving, that “octopus” feel that many describe twin movement to be. Some days I would think for sure there were two, and other days I was sure there was only one. So again…. off to seek the advise and help of midwifey friends. I was not really concerned (at all really), but just truly dying of curiosity. I was measuring larger, I was feeling a lot going on in there, and just …. well…. CURIOUS!

So one friend checks me and feels pretty stumped. I measure quite large, she palpitates and is pretty certain she is feeling just one. She detects a heartbeat, but not certain she’s giving me the right info if she tells me there is just one in there. She suggests I have her midwifey partner check me out later that week.

Now… with this pregnancy, I have only had one dream so far. The dream, to save much of the long details (as they do not pertain to this story), was that we had a boy! But with dreams, at least for me, the emotions and feelings I have when I wake weigh heavily on the interpretation I take away from the dream. And this particular dream of having a boy did not leave me with the notion that “sure enough” we are having a boy. Well….. my second pregnancy dream (of this particular pregnancy) happened the night before this midwife was going to double check me.

The dream was a bit eerie in nature. This doctor was running this tube-like thing from my head all the way down to my toes to “scan my body.” As I asked him, “Oooo, will we see the baby?!” He hands me this picture. It was not an ultrasound or an x-ray. It was a drawn, almost cartoony-like, picture of our baby. A little Buddha-like baby. The head was upright in my ribcage, and baby was sitting there with arms kinda crossed and legs crossed in a little Buddha position. I had this, “Uh…. so it is only one baby” feeling coming across me, but then immediate joy as well. I also noticed the position of the arms and legs and remember saying, “Ohhhhh….. that’s why the movement has felt like it has in there!”

So next day, I see midwifey friend for my number three consult and she feels for certain it is one. And I felt very resolved with that notion. There was just this one little thing I questioned…. this funny spasm-y type feeling that was still throwing me. I did a wee bit of more research on my own and realized…. I’m actually having uterine spasms! Such a thing exists! Phew. I knew something was quite different this go-around. I knew I was feeling “more” and I knew that if there was only one, then there had to be some sort of explanation. Sure enough…. wee one is in there and likely having a lovely joy ride with the uterine spasms I so randomly feel.

We are now about 33-34 weeks along. I have decided, especially from my last double (triple) check that baby could potentially come as early as August 23rd (what my EDD would be if I were on a regular 28 day cycle…. which I am not typically)…. or around August 30th-Sept 1st if baby is gonna follow my longer (more likely) schedule. And the reason I feel baby could come earlier than we had originally been expecting is that during my last midwifey check K said to me, “Yea…. I’m really fairly certain we have one in there…. a GOOD SIZE one…. but one.” 🙂 That’s the J-baby for you. But if baby is really doing that great in growth…. we could be going earlier than we originally had mentally planned!!!

With all of these lovely developments and really just my growing exhaustion, we have opted to stay put/home for the rest of the summer. No more camping ideas or trips as the clock is ticking, and quickly. We are thoroughly enjoying the summer and the BEACH of course! And very (VERY) excited to meet this newest little member of the family. I am now second guessing my original gut reaction to it being a girl and wondering if maybe, just maybe we are having a boy?! 🙂

Only time will tell!


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