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Super Sunday – Nakita Baby
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Super Sunday

Productivity. Yep, that’s what I call super-Sunday. After a full Saturday of laying low; sleeping in till… well… late, and doing stuff that did not require much of me moving from the couch, I had a super-Sunday of productivity. I love my days on the couch just as much as I love my days of super-productivity. One is equally as great as the other!

Today started with a stop at CVS to pick up a couple of things, a swing through McD’s for some caffeine, and then a quicky ride over to pick up a freecycle item. By 10:30a I was at EHS to finish some closet reorganization and clean up. The great news is that I have finished the closets. The next step will be to tackle the bookshelves in the classrooms along with the bulletin boards (they need some sprucing up). After my morning at Ethical, I stopped over at the grocery store. I needed to pick up a few groceries for our family, but also for us to pack lunches. I had volunteered us for the monthly lunch packing for the Lincoln Park Community Shelter, a great organization that Golden Rule has been preparing lunches for once a month for quite some time now. To keep the tradition alive during the summer some of us have volunteered to take a date each month. This month was ours.

The kids had decorated lunch bags this week, so today was the packing day. We made 30 sandwiches and packed up 30 lunches to take down to the shelter. After the packing I headed out with K and D to first pick up another freecycle item, then drop off the lunches at the shelter, and then to pick up a dresser for little miss M.

After that round of errands, I took the boys to the gas station to clean out the car. They did the wipe-down while I did the vacuuming and then we ran through the car wash as well. Home once more to clean out and fill up M’s new dresser and rearrange S’s dresser all for himself now! (Big man is quite proud! And, well… lil’ M is just as elated : )

Wow…. so still not done yet. After the dresser reorganization we cleaned out the new guinea pig cage (one of the freecycle items) so that we felt assured that we were ready for anything. (We figured out this week that James is pregnant and probably due anytime now!!!) It was about 10pm when I finally had my lunch/dinner, but it was quite a great day. I love these days just as much as the lay-low days. It’s also equally nice when you are successful striking a balance between the two!


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