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Today was one of those weird spring days where I was so enticed by the sunshine, I was sure we could bike to Target (a mere half mile or so down the road). Of course, being prego I would not be biking, but walking S in the stroller. The older 2 would enjoy their bikes for the first time this season. Well…. let’s see, for starters, SBJ was a gem to let me sleep in (again) and I did not arise till about 9 or 9:30a. So lazily got some breakfast and just simply enjoyed that we did not have be anywhere at all at any pressing time and place. K and I played this new game (found at our fav thrift store recently) called Fact of Fiction. It was awesome b/c he was really reading me the trivia questions and that was just so much fun to actually play the game with him! D was hanging out watching a flic on netflix, and S was hanging by the window watching the mowers going through the front lawn for the first time this season. (That was sheer fascination for him for at least an hour!)

So eventually it was near 12p or 1p and I thought “let’s get out and do something”. That sunshine was calling my name. We have these amazing, huge, life-saving-at-time windows in our living room that just invite in sunshine the entire day long. It’s hard to be home when it’s so gorgeous like that. But the most deceiving part of that is that our place is so HOT b/c of the radiators *and* the sunshine (humongo) windows that we always anticipate the weather to be about 10-15 degrees warmer outside than it really is : )

We get all pumped up to actually leave the house though and everyone got dressed. I jumped in the shower and off we go. We head to the storage for the first time since putting the xmas decorations away and figure out (painfully) that the bikes are pretty much in the back of the shelter. So lots of digging to get them out. Then…. of course…. the tires are all flat, but where is the bike pump? I fortunately remember that I did see it somewhere in the kitchen at some point in time, so we head back to the back door and I run up to locate it.

As I’m digging around to get it K calls up that S is freezing (shivering) and I should bring a blanket down. I bring this huge blanket and I wrap him up like a little burrito. His eyes are tearing, and I’m now realizing that we are totally insane : ) BUT, I did not want to be the one to pull the plug, so I perservere. I get D’s bike set without a hitch, but can’t get K’s caps off to safe my life. I need to run back up for a wrench (of course). And finally get that moving. Of course, after that…. D decides she needs gloves, so again…. run back up. And just as I’m locking up for the 4th or more time, K decides gloves are a good idea : )

It’s like 3:30p at least before we are even on our way, and I announce I’m hungry and we can stop at Subway before going. We get there and pull up and low and behold, I have the wrong keys for the bike lock that I brought with us! (Of course!) We opt to just leave them right next to the window where we’d grab a table to eat so we can keep an eye on them. We have this lovely leisurely lunch and it’s probably close to 4:30-5p by this point. I look at everyone and say, “ya know…. I think we will bike to Target another day. I think the cold will be torture and it will feel like the longest ride ever.”

Ha… the reaction was funny. Here I was waiting for one of them to pull the plug and they were waiting for me to pull the plug : ) They were quite relieved and agreed. We head back home, pack up the bikes and jump in the car to Target. It was quite a comical afternoon. All of that effort for the sheer desperation in believing it really IS spring, isn’t it?

Memory of the day: “S how ya doing down there?”…. ” I -cold”…. with tears flowing from his eyes.

We are more than ready for this weather to shift!

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