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Summer is just plain fun, isn’t it? Why don’t more of us (namely me) be this carefree as this all year long? Something I just must train myself to do!!! Much more often than I do!

So today we started with D and I running out for a quick Freecycle errand. We picked up some goodies! (TOYS!) Among were some imaginex and mega blocks dragons, which of course, both of them really love. SBJ was home this AM, so it was so perfect that I could make this quick run with out subjecting Mr. S to the car/seat today!

Upon our return we cleaned and cleaned the new toys as they had looked like they were sitting in a closet somewhere for some time. But so cool nonetheless! Of course this led to hours of building and story telling and lunch did not come about till very late in the afternoon.

I had wanted to go to Vogue today as I needed to make a sling for an order I received = )
We had a great time getting there too! In the spirit of trying to refrain from the car as much as possible with our littlest one despising it by all possible means…. the kids rode their bikes all the way over and I tagged along in walkin’ shoes and babe in sling. It was a perfect day for it. Not too overly hot, and really, it was not as far as we all imagined. Of course it still took us a good 45 minutes to get there with all of the crossing streets and D’s stinkin’ bike pedal falling off every 5 min. But we made it, they weren’t exhausted…. and they made it all the way home. (I truly envisioned myself carrying someone’s bike home at some point!)

For dinner D helped me make a chopped salad and man, did that girl go to town on the chopped salad! K started strong but soon got tired of it. There is somethin’ about men needing meat in a meal. At least for our household that holds true.
I’m super duper pysched that there is a Farmer’s Fresh Market opening up just 2 blocks down the road from us. It’s just a matter of months now…. they say “Fall”…. so hopefully they open on schedule. That will be amazing to have right down the street from us!

Anyhoo…. kids all turned in together this evening which allowed me to make my sling! I love it so much that I am going to make myself one (similar) tomorrow evening!

We also attempting to construct a panda bear costume for a friend of ours who is celebrating a birthday this week. She’s a true admirer of panda’s and we thought this would be the perfect gift for her…. of course we’ve never made costumes before! First time for everything! (Hopefully we can get close enough that it at least resembles a panda!)

We are headed to family camp in the AM….. celebrating Farasang, a Hungarian holiday. In the afternoon we are doing another round of Freecycle pick-ups…. back home to work on a panda bear costume…. and if we still can muster the energy, D and I were going to do public skate tomorrow. This time we will be smart enough to bring the boys in case a nursing session is needed! = )

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