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Summer is fun! – Nakita Baby
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Summer is fun!

It’s been far too long since I’ve update our doin’s…. It’s been a really really nice summer so far. We’ve only had one pretty intense week of heat and otherwise the weather’s been completely amazing!

I had an au pair meeting mid-June and it was a potluck picnic at the lake with a mini soccer tournament running along side. It was a very pleasant afternoon, surprisingly. The au pairs seemed to really enjoy and that makes such a difference in these work-things lately!

Father’s Day was quite fun. We drove out the Lego Fest in Wheeling and this was our first adventure there. It was a great fest. Pretty amazing creations. Only have a couple pix b/c camera batteries died just as we got there. But it was a fun family day, rounded out by stopping off to visit Grandpa for awhile and dinner out that was SBJ’s pick. (YES! ALL of those are made from legos!!!)
That week following, we enjoyed a beach day with the Evanston homeschoolers, and an art class with a group of friends, a pool visit with Grandpa (and of course and ice cream stop!), a court date against the previous building owners (which is such a long story in and of itself… but at least they were charged for the violations!), playdate with friends, park day with Evanston group, playing with friends, (my) lucky parents’ tea, rounded out by the latest drama…….

So yesterday I get a call from a family early in the AM saying that they have had suspicions for some time, and now confirmed (by witnessing) their au pair having an affair with their married man next door! I needed to pull her… she ended up with us, and really was not at all remorseful regarding anything that was going on, and was quite unappreciative for us housing her and feeding her… Ugh… could go on and on, but the smoking outside our door and cigarette smoke leaking into our place was the last straw for me. She ended up on a flight home tonight, and not a moment too soon…. I’m sure the details make this a very juicy gossip story! ; )

This week is play, play and more play! The weather’s been perfect. Couldn’t ask for more! Now only if S would sleep some more at night, life would be grand!

This weekend we are visiting Kenosha again for the 4th of July. Figured it be fun to swim in the hotel and check out the area some more before making the big decision! The move would be mostly dependent on my income/current job. My project is done and lokoing to get that on the market this week and start marketing like a mad woman. If the income can be generated there, I can also start working on the other couple of ideas I have mulling. It would be exciting to turn a new leaf and venture a new living space! We will see what life has in store for us!

Happy 4th of July!

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