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Summer Bliss – Nakita Baby
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Summer Bliss

It’s been a great summer! Hot, hot, hot! But we have been enjoying every minute. Quicky updates: I’m feeling much, MUCH better, as is M. She is WALKING now! I can’t get over that one. Only about 5-6 wobbly steps, but she prefers to try over and over and will be truly cruising with in a week I’m sure of that one. She’s grown yet another tooth, with 4 on top now, and 2 at the bottom. She is clapping, waving and puckering to kiss. WAY tooooooo cute! D is hard-core artsy now. She’s just so content when creating with her hands, or running in the park (or beach) with friends. She is a huge swimmer now, and loves the water. She takes after me in each and every one of these aspects of her life and it’s unbelievable to see at times! K is very into computer these days. He is quite content when he can create and build (and then destroy : ). He is quite the artist in this sense, and really has quite a creative mind. If not on the computer, he is quite content with hours upon hours at the beach or pool. S is just into absolutely everything (also takes after his mother in that way!). That’s not changed much since birth, but maybe evolved as he grows. He really wants to do absolutely everything the big kids do, and all his own stuff as well. His mind is always going and he’s has a solution to absolutely everything. He is fully graduated to underwear now, which he is very proud of. But is quite adamant that the “gee-gee” (pacifier) is just not going anywhere any time soon. SBJ is hoping to move to day shift in the next week or two, which would be so completely amazing! And we are actively planning trips for this year to come! At least a road trip to CA over the holidays and then our annual water park retreat to OH in January. We’ll see what else we can swing! Not sure if we are moving yet. Waiting to see what happens with jobs in the next couple of weeks and if we do decide to do it, it will be a made dash to find something and get the ball rolling. Otherwise, this would be the last year we sign a lease and stake out a plan to move during the summer next year.

Other than that…. we rounded out our awesome weekend with a visit from CA A.J. who is just a little gem in our family. My brother did good there : ) She brought great, exciting, fantab-u-lous news that maybe I’m not supposed to publicly share just yet. However….. it maybe, just maybe has something to do with me becoming an auntie for the very first time every. (Just maybe! ; )

That’s about it in our quick lil’ synapsis….. also wanted to post some pix:

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