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So after just oh-so-many days of not being able to just sit and ‘be’, I finally have a full weekend of it and I have to say it is just SO hard for me! So I think I had posted recently that I was in this whirl wind of activity getting the halloween dance party in full swing, and on top of that we of course at the very last second decided to enter the Cantigny catapult contest and needed to build this 6 foot structure the exact same week. Many a sleepless nights….. Only to turn the page of my calendar and realize that the next week was a craft fair I had signed myself up to do…. So had many more sleepless nights getting ready for that. Only to be so ultra excited that this weekend I had absolutely N.O.T.H.I.N.G on the calendar except our usual Saturday night family movie night, and Sunday at EHS. The rest was mine. All mine. Today was by far the hardest day I have had in a long, long, long time. Ironically, I had to literally force myself to sit on the couch. I had all these itches and twitches to get up and “DO” something. I have a laundry list of emails to reply to, and desk that needs sorting, studying I coulda been doing…. You get the idea. I had to literally tie myself to the couch to just be…. still. Have not done that in I am not sure how long. I got out my mani-pedi set and went to town on my feet and hands that have been neglected for so long and working so hard at that. And watched some pointless Lifetime movies on tv. I did it! It was just so-not-easy… but I did do it! And tomorrow I am going to try to the same! Try is the operative word there.

Tonight’s movie night we selected the original Superman movie from 1978 with Christopher Reeves. It was really so much fun. Statements like, “it was just SOOOO long ago when that movie was made”…. hilarious. But what a great movie. The original can’t be beat really.

Looking forward to several activities tapering down this next 2 weeks. K has his two productions coming up the week after this, and then it will feel so ultra quiet. Looking forward to some down time, prepping for the holidays, a baby shower for my brother and SIL, the kids upcoming craft fair, and a long road trip! Just writing this post and glancing at my calendar I realize how much more is on my to-do list ; ) Oh the urge to get it done, and yet the imperative need to enjoy a day off for change!

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