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Stupid Croc

I recently came across this cool suggestion from a website or blog that mentioned taking the time in each day to recognizing your “highlights”. It encourages you to think of and actually write down at least one main highlight in your day and take notice at various other times in your day if you are truly doing what’s most important to you in that given segment of your life/day… and… to stay on track with that, noticing the great feelings and emotions of doing what’s most important to you.

It’s a simple task, and truly takes a wonderful shift in mood and overly feelings at the completion of any given day. I also find it wonderful in helping me document special moments to me with in this period of time. As we all know, life flies by way too fast, and sometimes it just all becomes one big blur.

So my recent highlights:

– A walk I had with the kids from a park in Skokie to a convenience store. Just one of those impermeable great moments that was just a real feel-good time.

– A show that the kids put on for me and SBJ the other evening…. truly hilarious and breath-taking to see budding personalities.

– The massive amounts of giggles that come from the bedroom when SBJ is doing “scaring time” with the kids.

– SBJ turning down a position he was over-qualified for despite is overwhelming stress of choosing to say no to a job offer. It’s not an easy thing to be offered a job and turn it down, and I was so proud that he realized his potential in that moment.

– Witnessing a fire truck and ambulance pull up for a poor mama who was carrying her boy with bloody foot. It looked as though he may have fallen or gotten caught on those pesky escalators, and just realizing how insanely blessed I am at this point in my life with my amazing babies.

– And last, but certainly not least…. When S came to me today, trying to get his shoes on so we could leave for the movies… said, “Ye le bla le ye ne STUPID CROC, le ne ya le ble leh ye, STUPID CROC ON!!!!” As he was explaining to me that the stupid crocs would just not go on his feet today.


Well…. and seeing Shrek 4 in 3-d with the kiddos surely was not too shabby of a moment either. You’d think that by the 4th it’d get old and tired, and it was just as great as all the rest!

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