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Maybe that’s not the best word to describe things… but I am quite literally so busy I feel my head is currently swimming. It seems this way every year around Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful day at mom’s. Uncle P and Aunt J were able to join us this year and that was quite nice to see them, since we had not since D’s birthday! We were eager and excited to break the big news to them, but it turned out that mom had already sprung a leak on the newest little one baking in the oven. A really beautiful spread, as usual. Mom usually goes way out for T-giving and we enjoy to the fullest!

And then it seems after that ‘official’ day, the time clock starts ticking. The pressure to the get the x-mas shopping done early (which never seems to be… I am always the one in the stores the day before x-mas)! And the holiday card/ornament we send out each year. Seems like earlier and earlier I need to get these things rolling each year. = )

Let’s see, karate is coming to an end and K tests for his yellow strip belt this week. He is very very excited about that! With the end of this class comes the new registration of classes for both he and D. He would like to continue with karate and D would love to do ice skating and gymnastics. Another ‘to do’ on the list is registration!

This past week we had a baby-check and I have finally decided this is not the best provider for us. I am very torn at what to do at this point because it seems like I can not find my ‘happy medium’. Home birth offers the family-ness that I crave for this huge event, and hospital provides the ‘security’ I need for my psychological during the process of labor. And of course, birthing centers are non-existent in Illinois, and that would be the perfect thing I need and long for this third baby process. So…. in the midst of searching for a new provider as we are half way through at this point! Time is ticking to find ‘the one’ and establish a nice relationship with them before due date.

I’ve been trying to pour myself into my creative arts business, and have tons of things happening there. I have batiks I’m trying to sell, and a handful of mei tais. I have a t-shirt/shirt design that I would like to hammer out and get going on as well. Of course, attempting to do this admist trying to be ready for the holiday! I do feel like I have put this off for longer than I can now. As CCAP is not feeling as secure of a position lately. I am really hoping I get at least one more year out of the position, but really feeling like there is no guarantee that will happen. In that venue there are a few things this month, to include two conference calls, and an orientation, which I have never had to attend to in December of all months. So that seems like a really busy work-schedule for this time of the year.

But of course we have tons of fun things coming up. We are going to a “mad science” party this week, and a holiday cookie exchange coming up. Then there is the 20 week ultrasound where we get to see the little bugger! I am VERY excited about that one. One of my most favorite mildstones of pregnancy. I remember clearly seeing K’s profile for the first time and saying “a mini SBJ!!” I knew then it was a boy, eventhough we never officially found out. I felt the exact about D’s too… She was identical to K’s profile, but there was something about the petite-ness of her profile that just really threw my gut into girl-mode. So I am very excited to see this little one and see what he/she may look like… who he/she will resemble. Exciting times.

This afternoon I have the luxury of ‘mama’s tea’ and so looking forward to an hour or two of veggin’ with the mama’s and sippin’ on something warm. We’ve just been hit with our first cold snow/ice storm! A nice little afternoon planned with friends! Then back to the hectic = )

All is good, can’t complain! What’s life if not busy (but FUN!) !?

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