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So, yea…. many on FB are posting links like this one: http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2010/10/25/warning-high-winds-ahead/¬†stating that this is the largest storm expected in 70 years! Headed to Chicago right now! Part of me thinks, “oh come one, really?” Other part of me says, “well, hell…. then we’re stayin’ home tomorrow!” But ironically, the same people posting these links are people who still seem to be where they are supposed to by 10am tomorrow (same place we are supposed to be)!? How’s that work? I’m thinking if you’re told to bunker down, you don’t plan to be draggin’ your kids out to classes! But what do I know?!

Guess we’ll see how this all pans out. If it hits when it’s supposed to, then I think we’ll be fine to head out…. but I’m sure we’d not be headed anywhere if this storm is as bad as they are predicting! Kiddos will be hidding under beds! ; )

Today was super busy but awesome. D had a new art class with a homeschool teen who has taken classes at the Art Institute (among other places). Went really well and she had lots-o-fun. After that, K had lego engineering class and they were actually building motorized deals today! Cool stuff!! D had her final art history class with Joyce and they studied this awesome artist who made everything of beads. So super cool. They then did their own beading project which was so cool. I’ll have to get a pic and post it!

Back home for a small bit to make an early/easy dinner and then back out again for gymnastics. D seems to really like this class, but it’s starting to rub me the wrong way. As long as she continues to enjoy it, I’ll keep my mouth shut, but frankly, I feel like they just don’t have it together enough to help her learn more than what she knows. Sometimes she works with this really really great instructor who really pushes her hard, not only in body work out, but just in her skills set and helping her master lots of her maneuvers. And then the last 2 times we’ve gone she’s been with other instructors who not only don’t correct much of what she does wrong, but hardly work her or challenge her in any way. She still enjoys the class b/c she likes meeting and hanging out with the people in the class. She is still moving around and doing some tumbling and apparatus….. BUT, these particular instructors lack SOOOOO much enthusiasm it’s pathetic. And that rubs off on the kids. And D especially is exceptionally unchallenged by this. To me…. = waste ‘o’ money. But…. being so far into the session at this point, hard to make a change unless she was miserable. She did say to me when we left that she had fun and enjoyed it, but she enjoys working with the instructor that challenges her a bit more. Today…. they gave her little business-sized cards with stickers on them for doing a kart wheel and straight jump. Ridiculous in my book. Not sure why this little sudden ‘reward’ system has come into play, but what was worse was that some girls got like 10 different cards, and then some got 1 or 2 of them. Why? Maybe b/c the instructors were just too damn lazy or chatty with friends to notice what ALL of the kids accomplished today!?!?! But D did much more than just two skills, and clearly was not acknowledge for it (aside from the fact that I really really don’t like this card/sticker system!!) Erg.

After gymnastics, I dropped D and S back home with SBJ and headed to a planning meeting for a new babysitting coop! A friend is organizing this very cool coop to get some babysitting for each of us when we may need it, or would like to take advantage of it. I’ve never had babysitting before, so I just don’t know what I’m going to do with this chunk of babysitting I have coming my way! But I am sure in time I will become accostume to it being there and learn to take full advantage of it! : ) I’m excited to see this get moving and really… learn to take time for myself once in awhile! Great meeting!

Other than that… hmmmmm…. busy day tomorrow unless we are hunkered down and hidin’ under the bunk beds : ) And it seems the whole week is much of the same! Busy! This week and next seem to be the cross-over of a couple things ending and few starting up. I tell ya, when Thanksgiving rolls around and we don’t have classes through the new year, it’s gonna feel really strange to have so much down time!

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