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Storm – Nakita Baby
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Just gotta love ya a good storm! It’s been hot, hot, HOT here the last couple of days. In the 90’s with heat index feeling like over 100. The beach was good, but  ya know… it was just hot. Today we ended up hanging out at home. Some pools just not open yet, and those that are were just too expensive. I have had my beach day for the week, and frankly, just a good excuse to be at home if not in the water!

I have come to realization that beach is not going to be as fun for me this year as it was last. Next year will be MUCH better than this, and probably even better than last…. but this one… yep, not so great. Little M is just not walking (not that I should expect that at 8 months!) But the fact that she isn’t makes for a very hot and sticky carry most of the day. If I put her down, she has fist fulls of sand and/or rocks in her mouth and as I’m not overly picky about yucky stuff in the mouth, the mass quantity that seems she will inhale in the next 2-3 months does have me a bit concerned. I ventured on thinking that maybe we could do 2 beach days this summer so the kids could connect with 2 different homeschool groups on the beach, but after our last 2 visits I see that summer could be just as stressful to me as the “school year” and that’s just not what I’m aiming for this summer at all!

It is awesome to have the windows open and that awesome breeze blowing through. I do wish the storm would hit, just a bit here, but it seems to be traveling all around us. In the meantime, I am going to attempt to do some reading. I wish I loved reading as much as I used! Well, let me rephrase that…. I wish I was not SO stinkin’ tired that my eyes closed the second I start reading books, so that I could enjoy them as much as I used to!!! I have mapped out that I need to read a BWI book a week to keep to my goal of teaching by September. That’s going to be hefty challenge as I can’t seem to find the time in the day, and in the evening my eyes cross and close the second I start. Of course, it may help if I weren’t drawn to the computer so much either! I could probably be better at disciplining my OWN self! ; )

Come on storm!!! Come!

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