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Stolen! – Nakita Baby
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Blech….. had such an amazing day! Got to have some special time with M- girl. I needed to get some errands done, but in the process I took M with me and we some special time. She picked a few special things she wanted to do while we accomplished our tasks. Ice cream being one of them, and the park being the other. It really was such an awesome time. We get back home with the groceries, and the others are helping me unload. M hands me my phone and I tell her to just toss it up on the front seat and I’ll grab it. Well….. as we are busy unloading a “gentleman” walks past the car and is startled when he see me, but keeps moving along. I get to the end of the groceries, go park the car and search high and low for the phone. M assures me she has put it on the seat “under my butt.” I can’t find it anywhere. The kids are calling it, I’m searching ALL of our bags, I look out into the alley to see if it’s laying in the street. K says “that dude probably stole it.” Then it hits me…. how he jumped when he passed me at the back the car. I do another once over everything and the kids call the phone and say it’s going straight to voicemail. We know he has it. What’s worse….. we are pretty sure he’s living in the building. We think he lives with a group of folks that just moved in last month. I first call the police to have them come out and file a report. I then call our phone carrier to report it stolen. They say they have blocked all usage on the phone and have tagged the serial as a stolen device, so whatever he tries to do with it will be futal. No carrier will allow usage of the phone. The biggest bummer is that ….. well no…. there are two bummers here…. one, the violation of something being stolen from me…. and two….. ALL OF MY PHOTOS BEING GONE!!!! 🙁  I am a HUGE photo taker. I take pics just about every and any where. So photos to be gone makes me oh-so-stinkin’-sad. I am uber bummed about that. And for what? The sake of someone finding it funny just to steal something from someone? He gets absolutely no value, no worth from the device. He is locked out of it completely…. and all of photos are gone for his sheer enjoyment of wanting to steal something from someone. Such an amazing bummer.

Of course, the hoopla with the cops coming to our home had the little ones, especially, a  little nerve-wreck this evening. A little scared to go to the other room alone, or trouble getting to sleep. So there’s that too. Ergh….. what a stinky-no-good-very-bad thing that really did not even need to happen.




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