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Staycation – Nakita Baby
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Yep, this week feels much like a staycation sorta week. I’m thrilled to have not so much scheduled, and the kids seem to finally be feeling the groove of it too. I always feel guilty being home a much as a week like this, but ultimately feel wonderful when we do. We had a full weekend at home, aside from a short stint of my pale attempt to run a few errands on Sunday. That was a huge mistake. So stinkin’ hot that I was miserable. Woulda been better to keep myself plopped on the couch : ) Monday K had his last breakdancing class, and we had planned to try to get to NUG park day, but really, I knew I would be miserable…. truly. The heat has been bad since the weekend, and sitting at a park with no water (ie. pool or beach) would have done me in. So I bailed on the idea and we headed home. Oh, well I should at least give myself credit for picking up the keys to the clubhouse where the engineering w/ legos class is going to be in just a few short weeks. That was one thing off my to-do list. Today…. another day at home. So much accomplished and yet feel pretty rested. The waffle stash was restored, everyone was groomed in one way or another. Nails, hair, showers, and the like. Made my new baby sling! ; ) That’s been my treat to myself each pregnancy is making a new carrier. And this one is the spittin’ of the moby wrap. I’m thrilled. Very pretty tie dye cotton I found over at Vogue. Hmmmm. Tomorrow the only thing on the list is a baby check up! And then…. we’ll see. The kids at least have a playdate Thursday, and depending on weather, I’ll decide if I’m up for the trek down to NUG beach Friday. It’s supposed to be quite low temps by then, so I may just muster the energy to do it. And another pretty mellow weekend. Barbecue with family and just hanging out. I’m really enjoying this type of schedule, find myself bracing for what’s to come. Not only the fall class schedule, but the birth. As much as I don’t really feel this baby is coming early, I am starting to feel that pre-pregnancy anxiety. The unknowns of when it will start? How? Where? Will I be alone with the kids? Yipes! I definitely having some of those emotions, and mostly in the evenings. Something about dark…. SBJ going to work! That type of thing. But really I know it’ll be just fine. I just wish I had control over planning it : )

So onward and upward on the much needed staycation. Also includes bed early and naps when I can. It’s been quite nice. Wii with the kids, and just fun conversations about the baby to come. They are all quite excited as well!!

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