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Spring Teen Leadership on the wild Florida Suwannee! – Nakita Baby
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Spring Teen Leadership on the wild Florida Suwannee!


We are giving it another go!
Our fall trip did not happen due to low enrollment, but it does not mean that teens are not still itching to spread their wings and try an independent adventure of their own! We are working with Crystalaire Adventures to get a spring break time adventure moving! It’s a VERY exciting one at that!!!!

April 4th -10th, 2016 on the Suwannee river! What’s not to love about that! Quite the adventure. Crystalaire’s goal:

“To maximize opportunities for participants to actively engage leadership, days are flexible. Everyone will have to work together to balance goals and visions, keep everyone fed and sheltered, decide on where to camp and where to go, and what to eat. We will be living in tents and camping out alongside the river bank each night, paddling through the day. We cook our own meals, build our own fires, sleep under the stars, and learn to endure weather of all kinds!

Crystalaire’s leadership curriclulum is built around challenging limitations on our perspective, and encouraging new ways of working together. By the end of their break, participants will be exposed to critical new ideas in communication, collaboration, decision making, group management, and more. We’ll draw on our wide ranging educational offerings to develop a dynamic curriculum responsive to the challenges of the course. We are big believers in letting the place be the teacher, so the ongoing challenges of navigating bubbling springs, working with partners to steer the boats, enduring rain storms or cold nights, and helping one another to succeed will offer the best leadership lessons!”

This April 4th -10th, 2016 on the Suwannee river the kids will be:

“Crossing the Florida-Georgia line out of the Okefenokee Swamps, we will paddle along the more rustic section of one of Florida’s least visited waterways. Our boats will glide between Florida’s famous dark waters and hundreds of crystal clear springs. We will camp along open sandy riverbanks, picking our route each day and exploring whatever we find along the way.

Both trips will start and end at the Jacksonville, Florida airport at noon on the day the trip starts or ends (dates on reverse side of this sheet). We can also pick participants up at the Jacksonville Amtrak station. Due to the diverse regions our participants come from, we cannot reasonably provide transportation. But be in touch if we can help with your logistics!

For more details click HERE.

To register click HERE.

And with questions, please feel free to email me (mommy@nakitababy.com) or Micah with Crystalaire (micah@crystalaireadventures.com). We are happy to help and truly hope to make this trip a GO this spring!!!




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