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Spring has sprung – Nakita Baby
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Spring has sprung

In Chicago you never really know when spring will grace you with it’s presence. We have been very fortunate to signs of it popping up all over the place. The tiny buds on the trees, birds chirping again, plants sprouting from the ground, and warmer weather. Well…. the lovely 60-ish degree weather was here till today when snow blessed our lazy Saturday routine. Of course, it appears this is one of those fluke mother nature weather days and we will return to at least the 50’s this week. So I am not overly concerned with what’s going on. In normal circumstances, this type of thing may have pushed me back over the edge of winter-depression and it coulda been ugly. But the hope is that it’s a fluke telling our family that we really need a day at home to just chill out. We’ve been awfully busy as of lately and had intended on going to a maple festival at a local nature center today as well. Then I’d be off to work tomorrow, without¬†a true day of rest. So in my mind, this snow is my sign to stay home, relax and take advantage of the time to get things done!

Speaking of getting things done, the taxes are finally submitted! Man that was a task that was rough to get done. It took quite some time, and I am thrilled to proudly cross that off my to-do list. Penpal group was accomplished this week, as well as several other things that have really put a ton of stress to the way-side. Things have shifted in the last week or so as we have really looked at our schedule and shifted things just a tad bit. And that tad-bit has made a huge-bit of difference. It’s been lovely.

SBJ is still in the job search. It’s been 2 months now and as much as that feels like a really long time, this time has gone by so quickly. It’s been a blessing to have him home and be able to spend so much time with him. I, for one, have greatly appreciated all of his efforts to show his appreciation for me… and us…. He’s been so incredibly helpful and I am so eternally grateful for this time we’ve had. I know for many unemployment can destroy and cause heartache. And yes, it’s a bit stressful to know that we don’t have that stability or security, but it’s also been a blessing for our family, our relationships and our growth together. This experience is one that I will cherrish as it’s made our family stronger and better in the process.

Since our trip to Ohio I have really delved into doing some betterment activities for me, personally. Mind, body and soul. This, in part, could be some of the shift in just about everything going on around us. As I do believe the shift in your mental status and soul can materialize all around you in all aspects of your life. It’s been a cycle of events since by birthday, the Ohio trip, and afterwards (onwards) that I have come a new path in my life. I feel fabulous and confident and can only see bigger better things lying ahead. I am excited about this shift and not having enough words to really sum it up in my entry today, I suppose I’ll leave it at just that. I am so grateful to what is here and where we are going that only greater things lay ahead for us in our lives. For this I am truly blessed.

My dad… hmmm…. I’m worried about him. Since is unexpected trip the ER, he has been quite distant. More than usual. And he’s not trusting his health. Dr’s have done routine testing and care for him since and always test come back saying his fit, but he is just not trusting this of himself and of others, and it’s reflective in what I see of him. I visited him last week before a gathering I had in Glenview and while it was so amazing to see him and share time with him one-on-one, I can see in his posture and his gestures he’s just not his same ol’ self. He is not trusting of his health and seems to be quite worried. I do wish there was more that I could do, but I can see this is a personal path he is on and needs to come to some resolution on his own in his own time.

I enjoyed my very first new moon women’s circle just last week and that was an experience and a half! Of course, my leary self was not sure I was up for the new environment and new people, but I was driven to attend at some level b/c I actually got there and attending : ) It was empowering and more came from it than I could ever imagine. As spring is upon us, the topic delved into new seeds that we wanted to plant for ourselves in our lives this year, and what were some of the weeds, rocks, boulders standing in our way to getting those seeds planted and to flourish. The journey I was sent on was something completely unexpected for me. While I knew in my heart that I was already on a new path in my life, and this is probably why I ended up here to begin with, I did not realize the work that would come from that and the newer path I’d be set on as a result of it. It was life changing. And I look forward to returning to other gatherings in the future.

And in other news, we’ve celebrated K’s 8th b-day this week! I just can’t get over how quickly the time goes by. And I know that everyone and their mother says this, but truly, when you live life at a pace that flies right by you, you tend to loose that time so quickly. I look forward to this new path, slowing down a bit and truly absorbing the steps in between and along the journey. K’s had a pretty challenging year developmentally and otherwise. I have noticed lot’s of things coming to the surface for him and he too is on a hefty journey of his own. He’s struggled with friendships this year and deciding what friendship truly means to him. He’s looked at his oustide environment a ton more and had the heavy (continuing) burden of figuring out where he fits into the world around him. Along with these challenges have been lot’s of rage and outburst alternating with bouts of weepy crying and distress. It’s been challenging as a (maybe too) deeply involved mama to be with him on this journey. I so often want to just ‘fix’ things for him and also at the very same time realize that this his path to strew. It’s so hard to find the right balance and know just how much he needs from me, and when. But at the very same time, I feel so blessed that he gets to do this with me and his daddy vs in a school system most of his life where these things are just neglected and ignored. It’s a year like this where I can say that homeschooling is just so much more important that what they learn in a text book. It’s about the relationships you will have for a lifetime to come.

Aside, K has grown tremendously this year. Now graduating to size 12 clothes, I just am astonished how much happens in a given year. He loves to be active, but not sporty. He loves to be with his family more than anything, and loves just a handful of friends. He is very much into computer games, Wii and the video camera. We got him a Nintendo DS for his b-day and as much as he loves the games that we got with it, one of the most intriguing features has been the camera and the graphic arts he can do with it. He’s very actively taken a drama class, Princess Bride, in which he is the Gate Keeper. His passion for sword play is satiated in this class and I will need to look for other ways for him to explore this interest of his. He’s a gentle and sensitive soul always concerned about what’s right and what’s wrong. He’s challenging lot’s of boundaries to again, find his path in this world. He is so creative and caring, and this year to come will bring so much I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. He’s a blessing in my world and I am honored to be his mama.

Happy Birthday Sweet K!

We love you!

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