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And looking forward to this week being more mellow than it’s been. I’ve not been keeping up well, and though thoroughly trying to enjoy everything going on, I don’t think I have done a very good job of that till after the fact. That’s surely not the way I anticipate things going, but b/c things feel so rushed it seems the pleasure of everything is an after affect….

Just saw Eat Pray Love with some fun mama friends. So glad they were able to go out and see the movie with me. It was thoroughly enjoyed and of course I left the movie, glanced at the clock and realized I was late getting home for SBJ to get to his first week of work. Nice. This whole week is feeling a lot like that… rush, rush, rush, and then the realization comes later.

We did get a wonderful pool day in last week. I think that may have been one day where I truly felt in the moment. It was amazing. The weather was one of those life-threatening heat indexes, but we didn’t feel a thing b/c we were basking in the luxury of this cool water. It was perfect. I then showed some items that we are selling at Dad’s to some Craigslists folks, and we enjoyed a yummy pizza with G’pa before heading home. Friday when we tend to head to NUG beach, we ended up instead doing a service project. We built these little pencil holders, or desk caddy-deals for some folks over at Glenkirk. I love that the kids so thoroughly enjoyed making them. K got his hands on some hammer and nails and that was a new skill learned for him. He was quite thrilled at the accomplishment of that challenge. D, S and I did some painting, and of course…. art is our thing! We thoroughly enjoyed that despite the painful heat outside!

After a cruise through some errands in the afternoon, we planted ourselves at the Morton Grove Library to see Diary of a Whimpy Kid. I think the kids really enjoyed the comedy in that movie. I have to admit it was pretty funny even for myself. But a long long day made everyone quite exhausted. Only to top it off with a full day garage sale on Saturday getting rid of more of Dad’s stuff. We were pretty successful with day 2 as well, and very fortunate that the predicted rain never fell on us. I was quite nervous about that one as it’s tons of work and I’ve not had much energy lately. But it went really well afterall.

Today was my au pair meeting. Well… let me start with the fact that I got to sleep in today! That’s always a luxury…. and greatly appreciated in my world! I made the bi-weekly waffle batch and we chowed on waffles most of the day. I even snuck in a 1 hour nap in the afternoon! How’s that for some R n’ R!? Then… I had to head to my au pair meeting. We met at Chili’s this evening, and while it seemed to go well, I found it tough to get the new people to kinda mingle with the older people. The new arrivals were quite reserved in branching out, and the ones getting ready to leave were very groupy this evening. But I had some yummy tacos, got to know some of the au pairs a bit more which was nice, and got myself thinking about next months meeting. So hopefully we can have that change a little bit (the dynamics).

I then had the super-duper luxury of a movie night out with friends. Some mama friends met me out for the new Eat Pray Love movie, and it was fabulous. I can’t say enough and look forward to watching it again! I made SBJ a bit late for leaving for his first week… but he seemed pretty relaxed, so maybe it does not take him as long as I think it does to get there. Our first night apart with this night-shift position and I already feel it sucks. You know, many evenings we are both trying to get work done on our computers, him his school stuff, and me CCAP. Sometimes we are in the same room doing stuff, sometimes in opposite rooms. Regardless of the fact, I always know he’s here, and have that sense of home. And we may not always crawl into bed at the same time, but I know that he’s always going to be there during the night. Night shift…. ugh. This is going to be a lot to get used to. I am only hoping and concentrating on the positive things this will bring. And the positive vibes that this is a (VERY) short term thing. My hope is that just as we get used to this night thing it will have to change b/c something even better has come along and we will need to readjust again. That will be a new readjustment that I welcome with ease. Till then…. much earlier to bed for me b/c them kiddos like to wake early. No more SBJ to let me sleep in …. at least till the weekend… and even then, that poor man is going to be recoop’n from this horrendous schedule. I tell ya one thing, as much as I can gripe about it…. I’m proud of him for taking this on. He’s a good hubby and papa.

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