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Social Media

What is it about social media? Why do we waste so much time online reading about other peoples’ $hit that we forget that real life is going on around us…. and frankly, far more interesting that what’s online! Really, there isn’t a person out there who is on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter that can deny this truth. I, for one, have joined LinkedIn and Twitter but have yet to truly understand or figure out these two outlets. I don’t think time in the day will get me to the point that I would truly understand the point of them existing outside of Facebook. But Facebook…. yes, this has gotten me sucked in for far longer than I care to admit. I was one of “those” folks adamant that I would never join “that thing” online that others were telling me to join. And look just where it’s gotten me. Why do I care to check in more than once a day… as much as I check my work email!?!?! Just to see what every one’s been up to. And what’s kinda creepy…. I have over 200 people on my friends list yet I don’t hear from more than maybe 20 of them at any given time. Really… on a daily basis maybe even half that. Someone may surprisingly pop in on occasion, but really…. over 200 people who are snooping on what’s going in my life, but not shedding a single ray on what’s going on in theirs. Yet, I find it intriguing to pop in for a visit to see what my regulars are doing. I find it reassuring that they are still out there, and that I’m staying on top of it all! The mama friends that I don’t get to see as often as I sure would love to, and yet sit around wondering, “Why don’t I see these people outside of the virtual world?!?” It’s becoming more and more challenging for me to grasp my intense need to check in on FB. And beginning to wonder if I should indeed set some limits? Like a kid in the candy store…. just one treat per week? I think I may fear feeling even more disconnected to those I don’t often see. But really…. if I’m not seeing them in REAL life, should I be so obsessed about their virtual life? Yes, it’s true… I have no real answers to that one. But as I putz around LinkedIn trying to figure out how that site works really, and why-o-why I just can’t get that moving and wanting to shut that down… or having my Twitter account lingering there doing absolutely nothing for me personally or business-wise…. Facebook seems to be consuming my time when I really should be doing other things! And yet I sit longing to connect more with real people… yet in a not-so-real way. Hmmmm….. one must ponder.

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