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Sick Mama, Sweet Boy – Nakita Baby
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Sick Mama, Sweet Boy

So… this mama is stuffed…. stuffy, stuffed, stuff-ed. I could feel it coming on yesterday. A twinge in the throat and ear. I stopped by a CVS on the way home to arm myself with the sufficient ammo to fight this bad-boy, but before even reaching back and uncapping all of the vitamin and supplement tops I was sneezing, itching, running, aching….. Blech.

Thing is… this mama just never gets sick. Never, that is, until I am pregnant. And the funny part about this one, I thought I had escaped it. With each pregnancy I had a head-cold by week 8 or before. And here I am week 12-ish and sure I had been so swift and nifty and escaped the dreaded head cold. But just as I was getting cocky about it…. bam, whammy, ka-blewy. I’m thinking it’s the combination of not sleeping all that great and this flippin’ winter yuck that I’m oh-so-sick-of that finally caught up to me. Whatever the case, I’m stuffed like an inflated balloon and would love for someone to just pop me with a pin and drain me like a faucet. 

So I took something deemed pregnancy-safe and heavy to get me some real sleep last night, but today….. eek, my nose will not stop dripping. And my head pounding. After trekking the kids around to their activities today, I crawled into bed late this afternoon to watch my latest Netflix obsession (Grey’s Anatomy) and my oldest brought me a hot cup of tea! I repeat….. My oldest son, brought me an unsolicited hot cup of tea! 😉 Can you tell a mama is impressed? I was so pleasantly surprised and it was just so sweet.

Now if I can order up a pop and drainage 😉
Stay healthy! Be well!



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