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Sheere beauty… and yet – Nakita Baby
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Sheere beauty… and yet

When you have a moment, kick back, relax and take this in:


I find it hard not to get totally engrossed in the amazing beauty of the world around us. It’s mind-blowing to me, the differences and uniqueness of so many amazing cultures out there, yet really… we are all one. We all want the same for our families, our children. Love, peace, happiness and good health. We all struggle to find ways to nurture this, and more, into our busy day-to-day lives. Beauty is in every moment of each day and taking the time to absorb it is what makes life really worth it.

I can’t help but absorb the natural beauty in babywearing around the world, and wonder, “why is it so ‘hard’ for Americans to embrace this natural part of life?” There are not many of us out there who will ‘seize these cherished moments’… who will hold baby close for as long as he/she desires… who will answer to their needs with out fear of “spoiling them”… who respect them as true unique individuals with feelings and thoughts… who want to create a loving, secure and attached bond that will last a lifetime (and with much hope for generations on end)…

Babywearing is a gift to us as parents. Seize this time and enjoy that closeness you will long for years from now! You can never spoil your child from holding him/her so close that love is penetrating! Babywearing…. comes with a money back guarantee in my book!

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