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Times a getting pretty serious over here…. in the “wowza-this-is-getting-really-real” kind of way. Packing, purging, selling, moving shuffling. Working. Hauling. Dumping.

This week lead to a bit of chill time with tons of pack and purge time. I received a call from Ohio by which it lead us to feel that the potential move would be stalled quite a bit. At this moment in time we are simply considering ourselves full time nomads. We await word from the potential job in OH for SBJ, as without that… well…. Ohio is kind of a pipe dream. If he gets the job, it’s likely he’d reside with friends for a bit till kids and I figure out a temporary housing situation as the house we’d LOVE to move into is still in stall-position. No firm decisions made about whether they desire remodeling vs a full tear-down. Once word of the job comes through we know where to go from there.

At this point, kids and I are heading into this VAST upheaval as we are converting ourselves to full time nomads. We are thoroughly excited about what’s to come, but also truly *thick* into the changes happening right here. We are packing up and purging a 12 year life in this home. Three children born here. D practically born here as she was just 3 months old when we moved in. We’ve been through tons of changes here… physically, emotionally, spiritually…. you name it, it’s happened. So to envision the ‘never return’ is pretty intense. Each time we come back from somewhere it runs through my thoughts yet again, “what it will be like when we don’t return home to this home.”

That said, there are no really physical attachments to this. It’s all memories that we carry with us. Through family stories, pictures, movies, etc. We have been marveling at many of these very memoirs as we pack and purge. Family movies often playing saying “remember when… ?”

Bittersweet! Adventures ahead though are looming nearer and nearer and the excitement is huge. I’m eager for the amazing possibilities that lay before myself and my children.

Tomorrow we host a massive garage sale. We managed through 2 more rooms of the house including kitchen and bathroom so we have tons to head to the curbside tomorrow. From there, we also have tons listed on Ebay, and online Garage Sale sites…. Craigslist and the like. Trying to keep it all straight is a bit of a whirlwind up there. But so far so good. The purge is an *amazing* feeling. The weight lifted as the house become emptier and emptier. I can’t explain the completely weightlessness I am starting to feel as these “things” depart from our lives. It’s an amazing, freeing experience.

That’s all at this moment. For sure will keep you posted on the newest transitions as they transpire!


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