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Seasonal Changes – Nakita Baby
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Seasonal Changes

This week was a busy week of adjustment and a bit of hanging on. We started babysitting this week and overall it went really really great. I’m thrilled that we have found such a great growing relationship with this new family and that all of my kiddos have taken to baby E so easily! Things I had not anticipated was what it would be like to be ready to go by 8:15am, juggling a bottle and nursing at the same times (at times), and two sleeping lil’s can be a joy ; )  Really, we might rise early in the AM at times, but being ready for the day never happens before 8am. So this is a big adjustment for me personally b/c it means if I am going to get shower that day, it’s going to happen before 8am. Then, as much I realized we would have a baby in the house on top of having our own baby, I suppose I never put 2 and 2 together to realize that one may want to nurse the same time that one wants his bottle (of breastmilk…. ironically, I still call it nursing ; ) But that in itself involved some creativity on my part! And then, realizing how lovely an early morning walk is b/c they both seem to need it that early, and they both may inevitably fall asleep at the same time. A moment of quiet and they both wake quite playful!

So, this week was an adventure to stay the least. But it was not our typical schedule and classes have not started yet, so we were hanging on to summer too. Two visits to the pool b/c we’ve been hit with a random heat streak and that was quite awesome. Friends gave us their unused groupons so we got 2 more visits to the pool for free. Awesome. And timely.

Next week, after Labor Day Monday, we are hitting a more typical schedule, and will even have our first venture in the car with baby E. It will be interesting to see our schedule evolve to a more normal routine. I think all of us are in quite denial that summer is coming to an end though. It just really went too fast, and I can’t grasp the looming winter. Classes feel like they are starting much earlier this year too. Most of the home school classes last year started late Sept and even into Oct so this feels quite early to me. I am determined, however, that even though the pools are closing, we will hit the beaches a few more times! ; )

So looking forward to this weekend. Aside from one work meeting in the AM, I will get some major studying done between SBJ and mom with the kids, as well as some major couch time. Always a pleasure after a busy week. One regret…. not getting to the grocery store this week when I had the chance. Ironically, not my most favorite task to get done in any given day, however, somehow I always seem to put it off enough to not realize I’m ending up *having* to do it on a holiday weekend. Ugh. Serves me right for procrastinating.


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