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Season of Change – Nakita Baby
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Season of Change

Last year we were forced to celebrate xmas in a new version because we were headed on a road trip to CA. I had a wonderful time with the kids on our 2 week adventure, and just prior to leaving we had a wonderful start to a brand new tradition. Because it was such a wonderful new tradition I had the intention of doing the same this year. It’s just¬†such a wonderful, low-stress way about the holiday season, and such a nice opportunity to have a meaningful one-on-one holiday with the family. The kids enjoyed their new cookie-baking tradition with G’ma last week. Seems they did not get to open presents together while there, but since we were headed to pick up SBJ from work that evening, they had the fun opportunity to open gifts in the car while waiting for him to close out from work. Then just yesterday evening we all had the chance to celebrate with G’pa. A very fun evening had by all, complete with a yummy vegan spread (!), gift exchanges, yummy desserts, and the chance to do a little henna to boot! It was a really wonderful evening, and so special to be able to focus on the holiday, the season, and family.

I’m looking forward to our first xmas at home. Going to have stockings from Santa, gifts from us (to the kids), a nice little homemade feast, movies, and games galore! Cheers to new traditions and cheers to the holidays and welcoming a brand new year! (Cliche, but….. where does the time go!?!?! Geesh!)

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