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Christmas Eve was pretty mellow-jello. We hung out at home, played games, watched a movie (K has started me on the Lord of the Rings trilogy). About mid-afternoon I realize dinner would be a wise plan at some point, and decided to make Domoda. We had not had it in quite some time, so I was really looking forward to a family dinner to a pot ‘o’ Domoda. While cooking I was thinking about what some folks typically do on a Christmas Eve and a fond memory for me from childhood were the candles at the church service we’d attend. The candles, to me, brought peace and ease. It was a time of reflection and just a deep connection inward. So, I decided to light some candles for dinner, shut off all electricity (except for our pretty xmas tree), and sit and eat by candles. SBJ reflected on how it reminded him of home because of the lack of electricity and the food we were eating. It was nice to ‘visit’ through his memories and the kids asking questions about home. I then made a suggested new tradition. I asked that each person go around the circle and say something nice, kind, something they like or love about the other people at the table. So each person reflected positively on each of the other people at the table. It was such a lovely evening. It set the evening in a great direction, the kids were so happy and carefree with each other, it was really a wonderful experience for each to take the time to not only express themselves, but to hear what others were/are feeling of them.

Christmas morning flew by with a bang! Santa has filled the stockings, and then we had purchased fun goodies for the kids, AND they had a box from CA relatives to open as well. (Let’s not to forget that it also started snowing (flurries!), and so it was a bit of a white morning as well!) They plowed through but really enjoyed and cherished it all. They had a blast and spent the day playing and exploring the abundance of goodies they acquired. I made a huge feast which we sat to about “linner” time. And yummy desserts in the early early evening. The night was closed out by my third installment of Lord of the Rings training 😀 (we watched part 1 of the third movie). All the while I also got some knitting, weaving, clay-making and game time in. It’s been not only a wonderful holiday, but a wonderful break from the busy-ness of life. We are off from classes and activities for these next couple of weeks and I plan to cherish every single minute of it. Live like a hermit, or better yet, a stay-cation and enjoy some much needed family oneness time together.

Any rate, I’d say I scored major this holiday. Not only brownie points from the others, but a wonderful new beginning to evolve from, grow and cherish. I’m glad for the time together and feel abundantly grateful and peaceful even after all of the work that goes into planning a holiday.

Tomorrow…. after playing with our new toys, we are headed to the zoo lights to catch them before they are packed up. I’m really really looking forward to that time with the kids and doing something we don’t usually find time in the season to do!



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