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After a week or more completely consumed, I believe this is an acronym that many of us will never forget. Just the¬†sheer thought of a registration form (of homeschoolers in IL) got many of our juices flowing. Maybe not so much the notion of registering, but what was likely to follow. The mandates of curriculums, yearly exams, truant officers, etc. Quite a rally went on down in the capitol with over 4000 people present. Quite an awesome site. I just wish I had been present with the kids. Had they not had a full day of classes that day, and not being as young as they are, I may be done the trek for the experience and support of an entire state of homeschoolers. It seems to be the one topic that will unite the lot of us despite our homeschooling philosophies and strategies. The current bill was tabled by Sen Maloney, however knowing that there is the potential of another being drafted to single out homeschoolers from the private school sector, I still feel it potentially could not be the end. And I’ve already resolved that if this comes to surface again, we will be present. I would bet that many feel the same way, and would even wager to believe that the numbers in attendance could double should this come to light again.

In other major highlights this week, SBJ and I had our first ‘date’ in about 9 years. We’d never been presented with the opportunity before. Family has never stepped up to offer to babysit for us in the past, present, future. And seeing as those were the only people I was comfortable leaving the kids with, we’d never ventured into the idea of paying someone to watch the kids while we’d go out. (And let’s face it, who has the funds like that these days to pay a sitter double what you’d spend on your date, and only 2 hours later have spent nearly $100!!!) Outrageous really.

Any rate, a friend of mine has coordinated a babysitting coop/exchange. It runs on a point system, but is really still in the very early stages of getting off the ground. In the meantime, I asked if she’d be up for doing a monthly even swap so that we could get a date night with our hubbies. She was totally game, and so we’ve agreed to a monthly exchange. Last month things got all cooky with being sick so much in this household, and then work…. so that month just ended up being cancelled. This month, we braved the untreaded waters. I was serious scared. I know! Crazy! I’d just never had this opportunity before. I was not all worried about the kids being left with her b/c she is a mama I totally jive with. She is a great buddy and I trust her 110%. The ‘scared’ boiled down to this being the first time we’ve done this. We’ve not left them with others before…. all of them at once (well, OK, M was with us for this date ; ) And, they have done playdates before. But usually, in these circumstances other things are going on/being accomplished. Errands, work, classes, etc. This was the first time I was leaving them and splurging on a night out! WITH my husband!!!! I had a minor freak out in the AM telling him I was not sure about this. Then I asked the kids, on the way to their class, how they felt about date night…. They were *totally* great about the whole idea. That was when I realized I was being a big baby and text’d SBJ. Being the first time in 9 years to have a ‘real’ date, I warned him he better have great conversation : ) Ha…. but all joking aside, it was a huge thing for me. But we had SUCH an awesome time. Just a dinner out, enjoying conversation. Being able to look at each other and chat w/ each other w/o multi-tasking 100 other things at the same time. Treasure was discovered. So excited that this has arisen in our lives. And even look forward to the day when all 4 of them are home and I have a hands-free dinner with my hubby : )

Today was a gem. Day a home. We’ve been super busy lately and it’s feeling like a little too much. I know so when the kids cheer for a day at home. As much fun as we’ve been having, it’s been wearing us all out, and I’ve noticed that in all of us. So reevaluating, yet again, our schedule that is about to shift again in March. Things ending and starting and looking at how much we will take on for the next session. Admittedly it will be a light one (schedule)… and from recollection I think most springs end up being so b/c not only are we all classed-out, but the weather is shifting and we are just eager for more outdoor time vs being in a routined schedule. The kids will have some really cool stuff going on, but we will limit it a bit more than this last session. I am just SO looking forward to spring and summer! I can just taste/breath it in already!

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