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Save our planet!

We had done an early morning grocery run since everyone was up at 6:30a, and I was in the kitchen frantically trying to unload the bags before little boober woke up (wanting to nurse) and little Ms. D was sitting at the table munching on some chips she picked out at the grocery store.

I noticed her intently savoring each and every bite, and occassionally coming back to ‘real life’ to catch a glimpse my unloading our bags. We had just recently purchased some cloth bags to cut down on the plastic in our house, and our contribution to the earth. Of course, when I purchased the bags we had lot’s of discussions about trying to help save our planet even if little by little.

Anyhow…. she’s munchin’ on the chips and in her own little world. Occassionally I see her connect to what I am doing and then all of a sudden silence is broken….

D – Mommy, don’t you think we should go out and help clean up the whole planet?
M – (smiling of course) I think that is a wonderful idea. It sounds like a really really big job. Do you think we could all of it?
D- How big is it?
M – Well, there are hundreds of countries out there on the entire planet so it could take us a really long time. Countries can be really big and some can be smaller….

Silence…. contemplating…. and little chip munching….

D – Mommy, I have an idea.
M – Hmm…….
D – We could do one country in one day and then the next country in the next day and then we would do all of the countries!

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