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Saturday…. – Nakita Baby
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So, karate was cancelled for today b/c all teachers were competing in the world karate champs or something along those lines. K actually seemed bummed about it. As of late, he did not seemed as enthused about karate, but today he really wanted to go…. go figure.

Having SBJ home is very lovely in the AM’s. He is so great to take lil’ man for as long as he allows for me to catch a few more z’s. Today I got a full hour more before he wanted to come nursin’ and even then I was lucky enough to get nearly a half hour more! Quite lovely.

After taking a shower and settling Mr. McGoo with SBJ, I took D over for skating. Unfortunately, it was not well planned out by all of us. We thought it be easier for all for the boys to be at home, but of course, this was the one day that S wanted to nurse during skating class! So we ended up cutting class very short and heading home… in tears of course. I felt horrible…. for everyone. SBJ was sure he’d be fine. D wanted to be in class so badly….

Oh well…. I did promise to take her to public skate this week to make up for it. All works out as it should. (I do see her needing more mama-time lately…. she is ‘herself’ when that time is put in the schedule regularly.)

After everyone had settled from the mild trauma, we made bows and arrows. Our contraptions entailed taking the longest kitchen spoons possible, mommy’s rubber-like headbands, and the cardboard sticks of the bottom of the hangers you get from a cleaners. Quite clever if I do say so myself!

During the afternoon I locked myself in the bedroom for a short period trying out this ‘new’ position with work. It’s very sales-oriented and I’m not diggin’ it. Most of all, I’m not diggin’ the phone time involved…. I can only do it when SBJ’s around to help with kiddos, and when SBJ’s around, it’s family time, in my book. So this just is not jiving with me. But I did tell work I’d give it a try for this weekend, and that’s what I was trying.

Since I worked on that for longer than I thought, we were all feelin’ lazy about cooking, so we ordered a pizza. Yum! We all love pizza. While waiting for that, we had archery lessons. Quite cool that the contraptions were working enough for them to aim and shoot at things! During archery we found King Kong on the TV and all activity seized. That was very captivating to all. We all snuggled up and watched….

That was our day. Pizza arrived shortly and after we got ready for bed, read books, and slept. I’m up…. again…. putzin’ around on the computer. Why do I feel the need to stay up to do stuff when I really could get a great night’s sleep?! = ) I do enjoy the quiet of the night… find myself to be a night-owl and a horrible morning person. Despite my kiddos being morning people up at the crack of dawn, I don’t know that that will ever change about me!

Car wash tomorrow! Fingers crossed for no rain!

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