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Saturday bliss – Nakita Baby
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Saturday bliss

What’s not to love about a Saturday? I think it is becoming my absolute favorite day of the week. Never used to be as I used to have a class to cart someone to, or errands to run, or meetings to attend. And as of late I have nix’d all of that. The classes must all be during the week, the errands get done during that time too, and meetings can be held on Sundays or weeknights. No need to interrupt a perfectly nice Saturday!

So today I got to sleep in till about 9a or 9:30a which is always bliss for me. Since I flip and flop a lot all night trying to get comfortable, it’s nice to grab extra zzzz’s. When I woke I had my bi-weekly (slowly becoming about a 10 day cycle) of my waffle marathon. Those boys sure to pack away them waffles and they just aren’t quite making it for a full 2 weeks any more. But it’s fun to make them and everyone loves the super fresh ones. They become most of the meals of the day (today’s breakfast, lunch and snacks!).

I delved into a book I had just gotten from Amazon, and I’m so in love so far… hooked. I just wish there were was more alert time in a day to read it so I could get through it more quickly. But today, got lots in…. 60-something pages with S and D… that’s a feat. ; ) After my late afternoon shower D and I wander over the thrift store and dollar store to pick up a couple essentials, and SBJ took the boys to Devon to pick up some beef. He had been craving some red meat (seems to an annual thing for us), and so he cruised there to get some fresh cut. He made an amazing domoda which I don’t think I could have gotten enough of tonight! All the while, poor K is saying, “so are we vegetarian or not???!!!” The boy just needs to know. It’s one or the other and no in between for him. I explained to him, that yes, we are mostly vegetarian, but if the meat is coming from a source we feel comfortable with, we’re not all that opposed. Funny thing, the kids did not even like the meat this evening, so it really was not even an issue after all, but still kinda funny, the whole dinner-time discussion.

This week each of the bigger kids had a date with G’ma which they had not had for a very very long time. Well, for D even, this was her first time alone on an adventure with G’ma. Tuesday K traveled down to MSI with her to see the new storm exhibit. Funny though, his big report about the day was about the poop exhibit and the large (imax) movie screen. He had a really nice time! D went to see Toy Story 3 with her on Friday and then they went to her place to garden and make pizza. She seemed to have a blast (after her initial paranoia really). She was too worried about something the evening before, but I think once they got to the theater, she was OK. And at G’mas she was really having fun.

S was pretty upset both times that G’ma did not take him. It was really cute to see that even cared and wanted to be along on the adventure as well. It was nice for me both days to have a combination of 2, which really never happens. I had a really nice time with each on both days.

We had a day where we ventured to our garden to check on things and water, and surprisingly we had a yummy 3 snap peas to munch on. We have tomatoes starting and lettuce still growing. Hopefully more will come up. Oh, and peppers as well, starting to bloom. It’s nice to have some things come up and be edible! ; ) We got an email from the Evanston Eco Center that they have a half plot for us starting right now. I am not sure I have it in me to give another plot a whirl at this point. I hate to let it go as well. Maybe we’d have better growth there!? Our GV plot really does not get enough sun, so it will be iffy on what’s really going to come up for us and not. If we tried again in EV, maybe we’d have a bit more success…. need to chat that one over with SBJ.

I made another sling this week! That was so cool. My sister-in-law has a client that is a recovering addict and trying hard to get back on track with her kids. She wanted to give her a sling as a gift to help with attachment with her newest baby and so I made one for cost. So that was super duper special and going to such a fabulous cause. I’m thrilled she wanted to share that special gift with her, and hope that other therapist in her office will want to do the same. (We had chatted about me doing them for cost for this reason, and I hope it blooms! I would love to help!)

Hmm…. Oh, the EHE yearbook pages were completed this week! Thank goodness too. I had so procrastinated that project it was painful to get done really. I am thrilled it is done and that the kids will be a part of it. I think they will love the final product/keepsake. But man…. I guess I’m just not a fan of photo editing and such. Especially online. I do love to photo collage things, but seeing as we are cutting where possible, I was not going to print out a ton of photos to then cut up and butcher to collage. So I had to wing it on the computer, which I’m just not all the familiar with, so it was quite painful. But it’s done and I think, not to shabby : )

The hot topic of the last couple of days has been to fireworks or not to fireworks this year. I sorta said we were not going to attempt it this year, and as soon as I did there were gripes about not going. For all of the years (except the last) we had traipsed all the way down to the lake on foot, and then there was whining, tired, cold, sleepy, bored, not that excited children that wanted to go home. So there’d we go before finale to get everyone to their beds. Last year we were in Kenosha checking it out as a potential new home…. and really just enjoying a long weekend getaway. So they did really enjoy them last year b/c we had beached the whole day and picnicked right before, and there was far more entertainment going on aside from fireworks. We did make it through the whole night, but also had an excruciating attempt of driving out of there (back to the hotel) that night. One I don’t think I could forget! Poor S was SO tired and trying to nurse him to sleep, get him back in the car seat (asleep) and keep driving was just not working out for us. Ugh.

At any rate, we shall see. SBJ has an interview tomorrow, which to me, just has to be good if they are asking him to come in on a holiday. Fingers and toes crossed on this one. But what this means is a trip to the parade for a little bit, and then drive him down to Lakeview for his interview. Back home for us, but we’ll see if this wears them out for the evening. My thought was to try James Park this year and climb to the top of the hill. I know you can see the Sears Tower from up there, and so must be able to see a few other city fireworks as well as Evanstons?! (At least I would hope!!) Then my fear is we attempt that one, and they don’t see any fireworks at all and then I’m in just as much trouble : )

Oh…. off to see if I can muster a few pages of my book. Noticing the time it may have to wait till tomorrow…. Happy 4th of July!!!

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