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Sanity check – Nakita Baby
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Sanity check

Well… see the delay in posting speaks wonders to how my week went. Many Halloween festivities and stuffs going on that it was hard to keep track. We had the horrible weather Monday and Tuesday, and I was feeling much like a little baby for not wanting to trek around to classes. It wasn’t too bad after I finally shoved myself out the door, but it was super windy and chilly. The chilly tends to make me cranky : ) But the classes as usual on Tuesday except for the fact that I refuse to send D to soccer. With 60 mph gusts of wind, and gloomy cloud coverage with random drizzle and rain in 40-something temps. Not too sure why coach did not cancel himself. But there was no way I was sending her. After a haul through the AM/PM classes, I took M, S and D over the village center to get M’s birth certificates. We then headed to the library for our usual stop in, and over the Whole Foods for some hot yummy soup. That was dinner that night and perfect too. With the running around D did not seem to miss soccer too much that evening. She likes to be busy, and when we were rained on a couple of times, or running to the car b/c the wind was so stinkin’ cold, she realized soccer probably would not have been too fun after all.

Wed. D had her art class again in the city, and K had a new drama class in the same area with a homeschooling mama who teaches drama. I was slightly worried about adding this class on for him b/c he tends to think he can handle more than he can and then leads to burn out. He loves his down time at home, and yet complains greatly that D gets more classes than he does. It’s hard to find the right balance for him. But I opted for this route a) b/c I just knew he’d really really end up loving the teacher/mama friend, b) super love the class, and c) it was just a slight overlap with his other stuff. His other classes are ending in the next few weeks here, and then he’d only have this (new) drama class through the holidays. So it seemed like if we could get through the next 3 weeks, he’d be just fine. I have to admit that he did have a super duper cool time and said he absolutely loved the first class, but yes…. he was super duper grouchy that afternoon and I questioned if this was the right thing. But, having a taste of it now, he wants to keep the class so mama will just have to muster through the grouch when it arises over the next couple o’ weeks. All will be just fine.

That afternoon we scooted out to Northbrook where I picked up an AMAZING stash of 2 y/o clothing for Ms. M! I am so psyched. It’s all in amazing condition and there is an entire wardrobe in these 2 full bags. Only to store them till next year, but well, well worth it for a FREECYCLE! After that run we were home working on costumes and getting things organized for the upcoming halloween gatherings as well as trick or treating of course.

Thursday I had a CCAP meeting in Park Ridge, but I think had I realized how un-mandatory that meeting was!!!!! I would have certainly not attended. Only 3 LCCs showed to this meeting out of 30 something I think. And it was just really not something I felt I should have trekked all the way out there for. But, fortunately it was quick and I was home in no-time to take the kids to game club with friends at the library, and home again to bake for the girl scout party D and I were going to the next day.

Friday was just as busy, and maybe a bit insane on my part. We had family music in the city (Portage Park area) and then picked up a freecycle in Glenview that was not there when we got there! What a pain the a$$. Set up and agree on a time and then the item is not even set out for you. Then the reply is ‘oops…. sorry’…. Ugh. Anyway…. from there we headed to Kenilworth to trick-o-treat with G’ma for a few hours, and THEN from there we drove the boys back home to be w/ daddy while D and I headed to the girl scout halloween party BACK in Portage Park. Yippers. It was a long long day! But really, so  much fun! We did have a blast.

Saturday was K’s turn to have a date with mama. We headed up to Northbrook to the library to see a showing of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. We had seen this in the theater as a date-time as well, and both really loved it. Seemed fitting we see it again together. It is a really great movie. We also attempted the GV freecycle item yet again, and this time actually there. But wouldn’t you know it, D doesn’t like it. Was a winter coat for her, black and in her size, but she’s not keen on it. Oh well. Will freecycle again I suppose. After that K ran around doing a couple errands with me to have a little more hang-time with ol’ moms. We did a grocery run followed by a Target run. And back home in the evening. It was only 6:30p but pitch black dark when we got back and felt like 10p! I am just not diggin’ the early darkness and feeling pretty pooped from it to be honest. It really does change your energy level 2-fold.

Today…. of course Halloween! D had her last soccer game of the season. She had a great game, played all positions including goalie. And they won 2-1. Fun way to end the season. She’s getting stronger and braver out there on the field, and it’s fun to see her go after the ball with more gusto. She’s already asking to do it again in the spring, so that’s a great sign! G’pa came to the last game, and then headed trick or treating with us. The kids had a couple friends that live close by that also came by and went up and down a couple streets with us. That was really fun. I think everyone was pooped from this whole week b/c they only made up/down 2 streets this time around and were all ready to go home. They still got more candy than ever, and frankly, way way too much in the house for my liking : ) Oh well. Tis the season.

This week was rough on me in terms of my new exercise ‘routine’…. really was not much of a routine this week and that was draining really. Feels like even though I don’t sleep a ton, when I take that 30 min it just really helps so much, so I need to figure out how/when I’m going to get that done on a regular basis. If I could even do it every other day, that would be awesome. But I’m reanalyzing this PM idea and thinking I just need to go to bed the second SBJ leaves for work, get up early with the kids, and do this at the start of the day vs the end of the day. At the end of the day w/ stuff to organize for the next, and catch up with the day-of… not to mention bed time routines… it’s not happening as much as I would like. But I have been eating a ton healthier and that’s helped a lot and feeling good there. So…. hmm…. will have to figure out this “taking time for me” thing out. It’s just not at all easy with SBJ’s routine as well. Maybe this is where that babysitting coop will come in super handy!!

The next 3 weeks things will be winding down for us. The kids will be ending a bunch of stuff, but still have 1-2 activities each that will carry them through the holidays. I’m looking forward to the break in busy-ness and looking forward to reanalyzing how we will schedule ourselves come January. Not even sure what the kids will be offered by then, but I know D still wants to do gymnastics and clay class if it comes up. K still wants to do Orion’s classes if offered again. S will wants to do Ms. Leah’s class if that works out. I suppose it just all depends on scheduling and what comes up when! I’m so thankful for time off to think that through and plan it all out.

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