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Homeschool Documentary

The premier was a HIT!!! And we are off to UWG to do a showing there! If you’ll miss it there as well, and/or if you are interested in seeing it, you are able to purchase of copy of the movie! Just scroll down to the end of this page and you’ll see a little order form to get your copy! THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE SUPPORT! This has been such an amazing journey for Kaidin…. for us all!

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The time has come! Kaidin has been working diligently since last fall interviewing and filming for a very special documentary he is creating from scratch: “From Their Mouths to Your Ears: The Kids Homeschool Journeys,” a film about homeschooling right from the source…. the kids.

Since Kaidin was very tiny he’s been both behind and in front of the camera. The creations have, each and every one of them, been a thrill to view as development, new skills and creativity emerges. He carries with him a type of creative eye that is far beyond that of his self-proclaimed creative mother. He has a sense of what he wants to conceptualize long before it even becomes a material concept. As an aspiring filmmaker, he has worked in all aspects of development from screenplay writing, to prop designs, costuming, acting, filming, and more.

The journey started with a nudge from his mother…. an encouragement to see things all the way through from start to finish. Seeing that he was letting creative projects go wayside due to lack of seeing the end vision, she felt perhaps going the more “factual route” would put ease to the process and become an enjoyed project they could conceptualize together. His willingness flourished from the get-go. He has done such a beautiful job capturing each and every child in their own beauty. You will thoroughly love seeing the awesomeness of all of these homeschooled children of all ages!

As production comes to a close, editing commences, and DVD production takes off, he is very eager to fulfill his GoFundMe budget to see this project to a close in it’s entirety! If you are able, please consider donating to this amazing project. Every little bit helps see this endeavor to completion and is ever-so-appreciated!!!!

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And FINALLY, but certainly not least….. The premier has been scheduled! Ticket sales are open and pre-sales of the DVDs open! Reserve your seats today for the BIG screen premier! You will get to see the documentary on a BIG screen! You will get to partake in a Q & A to follow, along with a small reception! Many of the starring homeschool kids will be present as well! It will be a night to remember!!!

WHEN is the premier?  – Saturday, May 21, 2016 at 7:00pm, with the red carpet of stars just 20 minutes ahead of show time!!!

WHERE is the premier? – Ethical Humanist Society at 7574 N. Lincoln Ave. in Skokie

HOW much?  $7 per person, cash at the door please (or online below). *** EACH of our DONORS (through Kaidin’s GoFundMe) receive one (1) free ticket, which will be at the door for you.

CAN I purchase a DVD? – YES! $15 per copy, cash at the door please (or online below). DVD copies will include the full feature film, outtakes and more!

EVENT PAGE:  https://www.facebook.com/events/218631215181311/

Questions? – Please contact us at mommy@nakitababy.com


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