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So this beginning of winter has already taken a toll on my running. I thought I’d be pretty hardcore about it. I did anticipate that I’d love the cold weather running. I was not a huge fan of the heat and truly welcomed the cooler weather of this fall. I found it easier in the cool than in the super duper heat. But now as the cold sets in, I’d like to take my grouchiness back about the hot. I’d much prefer the hot over the cold. This cold has been a brutal and been having a rough time with it. And what’s more, I’m not a fan of icy sidewalks either.

To get moving in this weather is not an easy task. I’d say by mile two I’m finally warmed up. The cold in my lungs is rough and the ability to warm harder. I am not at all prepared with winter gear and seeing as I was begrudgingly doing my runs anyway, I was already in pursuit of a treadmill. At this point in time, I do not foresee myself as a “rough…. go-get-’em” type runner. I am happy to get my miles in. Happy to shed the weight and gain the energy factor back. But I am in no way a rough’n’tough kinda runner. I have fully realized this over the past couple of weeks.

So, I began my pursuit of a treadmill. We truly had nothing budgeted for such a purchase so I had been on Craigslist seeking their free stuff, and Freecycle with my pleas. I had a few offers all of which fell through for one reason or another. I was set to pick one up and the night before the guy told me his wife promised it to her brother without his knowledge. Then I was emailing another who would not bother to reply. I went to pick up one the other night and it was the size of an elephant, did not fold and needed to come down five flights of stairs.

I was beginning to loose hope when today…. today…. today the day that during my 3 mile run in the freezing cold I came across a lucky penny. I said my, “Find a penny pick it up and all the day you’ll have good luck.” Woohoooooo!!! It worked beyond my wildest dreams. I was dropping the kids off at their grandpa’s for the afternoon and he mentioned how great I looked. How I looked slim and trim and lost a ton. I told him of my new running regime and that I was seeking a treadmill because I was not digging the winter running. His fiancé pipes in and say, “I have a treadmill you can have!”

WHAT?!?!?! I think I was kind of in shock for a moment. Not only was it a free treadmill…. it was fairly compact. Newer. Electric. Folded. The WHOLE PACKAGE! I could not believe it. Just sitting there collecting dust and she was willing to have me drive off with it. I came home from dropping the kiddos off and started making space for it. Soon as peoples were back in the house to help me get it upstairs I set it up…..

Here’s my precious new baby:


I’m over the moon ecstatic about it. I’m thrilled I don’t have to fight the winter ailments AND I will maintain my daily 5 miles all winter long. Plus….. an added bonus…. we have found a pool that offers open swim for free through the Chicago Park Districts! So I’ll be getting in some laps this winter too! I’m super pumped. You won’t recognize me come next summer 🙂


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