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Radical Unschooling… Life

I am not quite sure what the major panic always seems to be with homeschoolers and math. I cannot attest to the number of times I have sat in a parents meeting to find the subject veer completely 180 to the subject of math. I find it funny how this is almost always an inevitable.

As a radical unschooling mom there is a constant challenge to trust my children in their natural tendencies to learn. The reason I describe it as a “constant challenge” reflects my upbringing, as well as a system, that trained me that I could and should not even trust myself. So here I am as a mother of five not only deschooling myself…. learning to trust myself (my gut and maternal intuition), but also learning and practicing to implicitly trust my children as they follow their paths through our radical unschooling journey/lives together.

Now, with older kiddos, I find it far easier (the trust) in this time of life than I did when they were so wee-little. I have wee-littles as well as big kids, and find that it is far easier with my wee-littles now than it was with my first two…. being my first adventure down this path.

As my older to grow and find their natural paths, and grow to learn to read, love learning, never stop learning…. actually never really (ever) decipher between what is learning and what is living… this whole ‘radical’ unschooling path just makes complete and utter sense to me, for our family. I love that life is learning and learning is life, and that there really is no need to divide all into subjects. My seven year old asked me some months ago, “so what is math any way?” When I explained the concept of numbers (of which he already has a very strong handle on) he said, “ooohhhhh” And moved on with the natural tendency of his life. I felt a sense of calm and peace that learning for him has no boundaries, and that for me…. well I was accomplishing my self-imposed task of not setting boundaries, labels, restrictions or distrust in or for my kids. I was/am succeeding with my own self-growth, and he (well all my kids are) my teacher(s).




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