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Rock Star Adventure – Nakita Baby
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Rock Star Adventure

Saturday I had the intention of getting a run in before the rain hit. SBJ had worked that night (before) and was not yet home from work, but I was getting dressed and ready to hit the road as soon as he walked in. Of course, just as I am tying my shoes, he calls to say he was just, at that moment, leaving work, and that he was called by another store to come in later that day to get some extra hours in. So I knew that meant I was not getting a run in that day. I really needed to get over to Vogue to pick up some material to get a sling order done, so I last minute opt to load the kids on bikes, seat, and trailer and bike on over to Main St.

We get out to the corner where we had been leaving the bikes out for easy access and one of the locks is jammed. Most likely from the trecherous weather we’ve been having, it’s been rusted or just plain busted. I’m knocking the thing around while the kids are keeping M from running in the street, but in the furry, she falls and gets her first (kinda big) scrap on the knee. Ah… So, lock finally unjammed, but also unfunctional, we head off to Main Street. It was a great, cool breeze kinda ride and I was thrilled to be hauling them kiddies behind, getting in some sort of work out at last. We get there without a hitch and then it dawns on me that I can’t really lock up effectively with my broken lock, so we ‘pretend’ it’s working and put the two ends together, around all 3 bikes and walk away. Gulping.

Vogue was super duper quick. I can’t even believe it b/c even attempting an adventure like that with all 4 is a bit nutz-o. But I find my needed material and we walk on out to see these lumunous clouds and flashes of lightening hurling towards us. Well, my plan to do a quick ride up to the grocery is a bit hindered at this point. We decide to walk on over to the yellow toy store and wait it out. I’m feeling certain that this will blow over quickly or just pass on by the north end of where we are.

The toy store is always a blast for us, of course, but there always seems to be a point of one of 2 things seems to happen. Either (1) someone needs to use the bathroom and there isn’t one available, or (2) my nerves get the best of me b/c my kids seem to be settling in nicely and feeling right at home and I get sudden unset panic that one of them will break something in the store : ) This particular day, I was getting that vibe as they are trying hard to entertain M with all of the puppets in the store. The space is tight in there, and feeling the cringe of every single puppet being taken from the shelves and run through the store made it my desperate moment in time to high-tale it outta there.

Of course, at this point it’s clear that the storm is going to hit us and we’ll have to wait it out a bit. K is reminding me for the up-teenth time that he is hungry. Seems to be his cue, the second we leave the house to decide then and there that he is hungry and probably should have eaten at home. So, we are consensus voting on which establishment to walk to since it is only 10am in and not really a lunch-time kind of searh. We opt for Subway over Starbucks because I could get them a little more that would satisfy and we would not be pestering much of anyone sitting in the empty Subway with our bags of chips and cookies. (Nice mid-morning snack there!)

That storm comes in and hits hard. And we sit…. and sit…. and sit. Till they really just want to leave rather than wait. The Starbucks AC must have been set to 58 or something ridiculous that we’d rather be standing out in the misty train underpass waiting it out than in the store! Of course, as we are under the train underpass…. S announces his need to go to the bathroom. Back to Subway we walk to all use the bathroom. The only upside to that was that the back room where the bathrooms were seemed slightly heated to we all regained blood flow before returning back out. The downside…. we got the toilet blocked. Yep. There you go. I admit to something we did so disgracefully do…. clog the toilet and run out of the store …. not mentioning anything (gasp!).

Really. At this point, I’m thinking I just need to figure out if we are going home, the grocery or waiting it out. The Subway temp was killer, and they were getting pretty ansy at this point. Back under the trains underpass we decide to walk back to the toy store. Remember my 2 reasons for needing to leave that particular store? Yep, you guessed it….. S says he has to go to the bathroom AGAIN. Again? Really? Seriously. Ok…. well, let’s go find a bathroom…. this time at the Starbucks…. And this time…. let’s not clog it. We wander over there, getting pretty wet at this time. S manages to use the bathroom and as we wander out of the store we run into some friends who live on the street. Good to see them on a Saturday morning. I think all of us though were a bit beside ourselves, so we opt to walk on down to Dave’s Rock Shop.

At Dave’s he has this fabulous downstairs museum type room that has all of these awesome fossil collections from around the world. We wait it down there, but really this room is only so-big that the excitment wears off and they are ready to move on. D really wants to check out the collection upstairs, but I am just feeling so beside myself, sure that S or even D will reach out to a $750 gem stone and shatter it to bits ; ) Nice trust there, eh? But everyone was feeling a bit ansy by this point!

We peek outside and the rain is just not stopping. Alright…. the vote is to get on the bikes and just get home. If we get home, we can dry off and DRIVE to the grocery store. The older 2 especially like this b/c they can stay home while SBJ is sleeping and not have to do any grocery shopping ; ) So we wander back to the bikes and get loaded up. Here I’m thinking that M would much prefer the dryness of the bike trailer b/c it has that super rain cover. But we had not even gotten 3 blocks before she was beside herself in tears and wanting out. I stuck her back in her bike seat and she’s happy as a clam. Not bothered by the fact that the rain is blowing up in her face and she’s soaked from head to toe. She is just happy to be able to reach out and pat my butt all the way home.

We make the trek, and it’s not raining all that bad, but enough that we are quite wet. We are just about 4 blocks from home when a huge down pour hits. It’s a biggie, and we are now completely, uterly drenched. We pull up to the back and get the bikes into the storage, run for home, and get warm as soon as possible. We all put on multiple layers after that event. Quite the damp and chilly AM. So…. just about 20 minutes after getting back, changing and turning around to head to the grocery…. the sun comes out. Go figure.

Over all though, it was fun adventure. Their patience was tested, but it was pretty fun all along the way. I wonder

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