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RIP Noel – Nakita Baby
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RIP Noel

Yes, our dear hamster Noel has passed away today. We had seen her pretty frail the last 24 hours or so, and knew the end was coming. And this evening we found curled up in the corner, lifeless. She was a gift to the kiddos 2 Christmas’ ago and so I think she’s lived her life-span with us. From what I gather (and all of the information I find is different), 2years is typical, and it’s been just about that. The kids were somewhat confused about how to feel about this passing. They thought she was cute and loved watching her at times, but she was not the “pet-friendly” kinda hamster. She did not like to be held at all. She was quick and skittish. She never bit and was sweet and cute as can be, but they did not get to interact with her much as a pet (as they seem to long to do!). So, they felt bad she passed away, they wondered if it was because they neglected her as much as they did, but also did not seem overly attached either. They are already pressing for the next pet adventure, and I for one, am feeling (not without guilt) a tad relieved¬†with one less duty with a baby on the way! I know, horrible. I would be just as happy if she were happy and kickin’, but she was clearly sickly these last few hours, and probably in pain and uncomfortable. So it’s better for her (as long as we did not make her sickly!!!) that she has moved on. I wonder if we had anything to do with it, but she was well cared for, so I don’t think so. I do think this was the end of her time. At any rate… RIP Noel. You were a cutie!

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