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This day was one of sheer magic. I am feeling quite accomplished and patting myself on the back. Days like this are far and few between. I am sure most moms can relate to the emotion of feeling like you are just slightly behind the eight ball…. coming up short…. lacking in more areas than one?

Today was nothing less than a miracle, however I will take full credit just cause it felt so awesome. Waking to what I thought was going to be a royal pain the arse to deal with…. a flat tire on the van that was just not happy with the fix-o-flat gunk I put in it and just kept leaking on me and leaking. I had AAA come out twice to attempt to put my spare on for me, but both instances they were not equipped enough to get two of the stingy lug nuts off for me.

So…. I was kinda bummed. Who wants to spend the day doing car-related stuff? Especially when it meant cancelling plans with friends at the Chicago Botanic Gardens? We truly were looking forward to it, and this interrupted it all.

Again…. wake to the need to have to fix the flippin’ tire. But truly…. Bessy Blue’s (our van of course) tires have been pretty shot for some time. I have been squeaking by on some pretty next-to-nothin’ treads for a great number of miles. It was truly time to just consider new tires. I head over to this place that I had been once before. I was pleased with them prior and thought if anyone, they would get me a decent deal on tires if that were the way I decided to go.

I arrive to them literally just opening their doors. First in, first out. Well…. at first I’m on the fence. He didn’t have any decent used tires for me to purchase, so I had to consider the new. It was still a better deal than I had seen anywhere else, as of yet, and so I was pleased with the cost, but still….. gulp…. that’s a huge chunk’o’change when you are doing all four tires! I first ask if he can consider fixing the flat I was contending with, figuring that would buy me a wee bit more time….. however the patches he put on that tire were just not going to hold. It was pretty rough and he also pulled a honkin’ nail out of the tire as well. Ok…. figure it’s time. Take the plunge, buy the new tires.

Well, he only has two tires in the store. He trusts me to drive off with two tires and will call me when the other two get to the store (unpaid at this point). I thought that was pretty cool of him. I head home, kids help me clean out our terrarium. Big job, but the critters were all so happy!! Stick 3 of the kiddos in the bath tub…. man did they need it… .and I clean the house for the intended party later.

Tire place calls and they already have the tires in! I finish cleaning up the house, get kids out of tub and take four peoples with me for the tires (of which this amazing place takes no more than 20 minutes to get the back two tires on). From there we make our library stop in which I am finally able to return movies on time for once, check out some more cool stuff, and pay our growing library fines. We get home, and I give K a haircut, finally get my shower, and prepare a taco dinner….. YUMMY!!!

Clean up from dinner, get a mile walk in with all kiddos, and then K and D’s party guest begin to arrive. Their Friday night shindig is underway. I set out their snack foods and drinks, retreat to the bedroom with the littles. We get to read a number of books, snack on some popcorn, and watch a bit of Alexander and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day….. they call it a night. I get to do a little grooming (overdue pedicure!!), and do some conference announcements online. Answer emails and texts!

AND….. the baby actually got TWO decent naps today! And.No.Major,Meltdowns! Incredible.

All in a days work my friends. All in days work…….

Just don’t anticipate seeing that again in my very immediate future 🙂




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