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Nearly two years since my last post…. It is feeling a little epic to return. I reminisce about what these (nearly) two years has been going on for me and the kids. Aside from the obvious…. March 2020 we were requested, or rather sequestered, to a worldwide Covid-19 pandemic/quarantine. A lingering experience we are still living through today, however the upside is that the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be burning brighter each day as we slowly (very slowly) are returning to some sort of new normal.

That late 2019 I was offered the inexpensive opportunity to extend my time to acquire my real estate license. I had purchased my at-home study program far earlier that year, and it was intended to be a 3-months program. However just four days after investing into my future with this program, we were informed we had 30 days to move because they were putting our rental on the market. That set me into a tail-spin right there. Not just the obvious “oh crap, what do we do now” type tail-spin. I had just plopped down a huge amount of money to study and further my business career. I had little-to-no money to make this move. I had no idea where we would even move in the late winter, extremely early spring with little availability on the market. I felt abandoned because the management company overseeing our rental were thought to be friends. I felt friends would have been a little more supportive, forewarning, and not the type to drop a bomb on me like that. I then had to drop my real estate studies to focus inward and high-tail myself and kids into a new home.

Since that time, we have now had to move twice. We were fortunate enough, at that time, to have a friend who had an open townhome. It took messaging anyone I knew in Albuquerque (which is far and few between considering how new we still feel/felt here in town). And this friend was able to save us from what felt like an over-whelming disaster. We moved asap and I think that experience was the onset of what became a period of massive introspection. When we settled, I found myself treasuring the massive gift this friend had bestowed upon my family, and then turned inwards to truly analyze those who were in our lives. I took time to reflect on what I wanted to do with me, not just for my businesses, but my personal life as well. I cherished this new home and went to work on me.

Albuquerque has had some beautiful, nurturing and truly rebirthing rains as of late. With the decision to revive Nakita Baby, I have spent a few weeks reflecting on the last two years and all that each of us has been through, experienced, internalized, and truly grown on. To say I am so proud of each and every one of my kids for the journey they have endured and truly grown and flourished from, would be a true understatement. I mean, aside from the genuine pride moms feel for their kiddos, I truly feel my emotions reach far beyond that. My respect for each of them exudes what words could truly express.

Beyond that…. I have to say, my self-pride finally beams bright. It’s taken time. And the journey, of course, is a daily one. But I am ecstatic with all that has come of the last two years. As mentioned earlier, I had been gifted the opportunity to not loose out on my educational investment, and…. I took it. Amidst a move. Amidst running our unschooling conference. I took the opportunity because I knew it was time for me. Time for me to reach higher, brighter and dream bigger. Ironically… the universe had my back on that. I could have easily put that opportunity aside, but I felt deep within, “pay this extension and DO IT!” I knew if I was investing in me, somehow this would all work out.

As I paid that extension, and ran that conference, the world went into lockdown. As much as it was and is a travesty for so many people on the planet, it was a blessing in disguise for this mama of five. My kids were ultimately bummed about the loss of all of their park days, beach days, sports and external classes, but man did they rally and adapt to the changes! And, this ultimate shift of being home more often than not (yes, I know, ironic for “home-“schoolers)…. I was able…. aka ALLOWED…. to take time for me. I studied my butt off. I worked my butt off. I plotted and planned and I became licensed during a massive pandemic. I achieved first sales and first listings, and I truly felt like I was starting to come into something of my own. Something big, and something of my own.

This rain falls and I think, “wow, what a time this has been.” I see that I have turned more inward, and more introspective. My focus has been all about me and the kids. What I want for me, and the dreams I have for them. Of course, as radical unschooling parent, how that transpires looks very different to those peering in from the outside mainstream world. But man, the years have allowed me to truly embrace the differences, and deeply love the path we are on. Reflections of others matter less and less these days. Living a little less of the bubble-type life and a more in-the-face life, not only allows me to embrace more fully, but encourages my kids to deeply love who they are and the path that they are on. This balancing act we do throughout our lives to find the place where we need to be at each given moment…. that’s really all we can ask for, no? Listen, hear, adapt, and live…

As I commit to the Nakita Baby revival, you will learn more about each of these amazing souls I share lives journey with, and just what our lifestyle choices have and do mean to us. Welcome back! There is much to share in the days that lie ahead.







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