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We opted to cancel the camping adventure this weekend. I checked the weather and the forecast for a low of 42 overnight had me a bit worried. How to keep everyone warm all night long, nurse a baby when it’s nearly freezing temps, and would we all stay healthy afterwards? Was not feeling worth the effort, and I figure they (NUG) does camping in the late spring, early summer and that would be a great time to try again. Meantime, we could also do a couple camping stops on our trip if we opt to take the southern route home from xmas in CA. Feeling a bit relieved too, honestly, b/c it’s just been so busy here for me. Mama has not had a day of rest in quite some time. Of course, this does not necessarily mean I’d have a full weekend at home b/c the lil’s have their music class in the AM Sat. and Sun. we have EHS, but aside, it is planned to be a much needed restful weekend.

I am feeling very humble, grateful and abundant this evening in particular. Things seem to be popping up around us that remind me just ever more deeply how much I already feel this, but have been reiterated or reminded of my abundance. A friend we know in the homeschool community had a miscarriage this week. She was pretty far along, and it feels quite shocking and devastating. Friends around us are suffering many different challenges in their lives and I think so highly of them and the ways they are coping, and also so grateful for all that is for our family.

Looking forward to a day off from all activities on Thursday, even babysitting, and going to see a movie with the kids! We have not done that is such a long time! I am thrilled to be able to sleep in a tad (if M lets me : ) and then enjoying a movie theater movie with the kids, as well as Subway. They have been asking for Subway b/c its been such a long time we’ve enjoyed our favorite lunch out too. It will be quite fun!

Weather has gotten me down a bit. Feeling like I need even more sleep lately. I have been going to bed earlier than is usual for me, personally, and even getting a good amount of sleep, but man this cloudy-rainy-coldness has gotten me a lil’ funk. I am hopeful this weekend of just ‘being’ will help that out a bit!

We have been in full-swing halloween celebrations here. The kids had us put up our decorations about a week or so ago. We have been back to Halloween City twice already. Bought more decorations both times! We have glowing eyes in the windows as well as a gigantic spider crawling on our ceiling! ; ) So much fun. We are looking forward to a halloween dance party and a couple days of trick-o-treating too. Pretty much everyone has picked out their costumes. A few pieces here and there need to be fixed up, but overall, we are getting there. M is going to be a bumble bee, and I her flower (I have not done well in getting my outfit together yet). D is a mad scientist, K is a ape man (still working on the outfit a bit, but has his mask and mitts/claws), and S is a cobra ninja…. however he changed his mind about 10 times in the store before picking it out, and during and even after the major decision was lectured about how this was not something we could change our mind about. Well, day 2 and of course he wants a different costume. This year could be painful with that one ; )

Hmmm….. that’s about all I can muster. I need to crawl in to my covers and enjoy some REM sleep.

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