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Random Thoughts – Nakita Baby
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Random Thoughts

Today is just day 4 of pixie M’s life with us, and yet it just feels like she’s always been here. Quite wild to think that just 4 nights ago I was in labor. I feel fabulous. Everyone is adjusting quite well considering all of the major changes. And I simply couldn’t ask for anything more.

I went out and about yesterday and as thrilled as I was to escape the confines of the house, I think it was about every 10th person I saw that made me feel otherwise. I truly have never bounced back as wonderfully after a pregnancy as I have with this one. I was feeling fabulous and wanted to participate in my kids’ lives for just a bit. I wasn’t nuts about it. I had them driven/taken to their classes in the AM, and then wanted to pick them up in the afternoon. It was nearly every person who saw me/greeted me, started with the fact that I was “nuts” for leaving the house. Wow…. that really got old hearing that at each stop along the way. Oh well.

M’s by far the most mellow of them all. She literally never cries. I have to be pretty tied up for her to get that far, and even then her little squeal is like a lil’ mouse. We call them mouseycries. She’s so stinkin’ cute, can’t even put into words. She sleeps like a rock star and nurses like a champ. Each transition has been so incredibly smooth… amazing.

Favorites…. one would be that when she’s deeper in sleep she can let out this little mouse squeaks. It’s hilarious to sit and listen and watch her. Another would be the after ‘bada’ (nursing) when she lets out this little last smack of the lips and lets out a little smile as if to say, “man that’s some good sh*t” : )

First smile…. Monday morning, in the kitchen she is actually alert and looking around, trying to focus and lets out a big grin at her mama…. ahhh….. true loves!

D has just cherished this big sisterhood of a little sister. She loves to hold her as much as possible. She loves to show her off to friends, but gripes if anyone will try to peek in on her in the sling without even asking : ) She made her a lil’ sister bracelet at art class yesterday and she had her wear it all afternoon. She basically has not skipped a beat. She was really worried about the labor portion, seeing me in pain, but once it was over…. life resumed and she just jumped right into sisterhood. She’s a super champ and I think she (as well as me) are still in awe that we have another baby girl in the family. It’s so cool.

S also has just not skipped a beat. He handled the labor quite amazingly. He had a grown up holding onto him the whole time which seemed to help him through it like a champ. And he just turned around and said, “see baby”. Yep…. there ya go… there’s a baby right there! He’s always checking in on her and just kissin’ on her and holdin’ her all of the time. He is always concerned when she squeals, but b/c she hardly makes a noise it’s not overly stressful. He looks to ease her woes in any way that he can. Like diaper changing when she hates the cold wipes… he holds her hand : ) So super sweet. He’s a mama’s helper too. Loves to get anything he’s asked to for me or baby. Super prince.

K’s my funny-duddyman as it is. I knew that this transition would be the hardest on him. But quite honestly, he’s been far easier, happier and smoother in this transition than I had anticipated. Age is probably certainly helping a bit : ) But he is just as I anticipate with his super-protective-big-brother role. He holds her often and kisses on her tons. He is head over heals in love. He too, hates that anyone outside of the house (particularly those we just don’t know much, if at all) get close to her. But is so proud to show her off to those we do (know). He’s a sweet little man… protector of those he loves : )

SBJ is whipped. I am fellin’ his pain. The night-shift gig is catchin’ up to him. He had not gotten sleep before trying to adjust body rhythm, and now can’t seem to get enough in any given day. I am nightly hoping that this changes for him real (real) soon!

Wondering what happened to most of our family at this incredibly special time. I’ve heard from only one, regularly, since M’s birth and she lives the furthest away! Huge love and thanks sent to A.J. for being so present despite being so far! “xo”

Trying to figure out car situation. Got the Kia all set as a kid-caddy, but to travel w/ SBJ in his off time is not happening. Time to look, but so-not-ready to deal with cars. Yuck. 

This fall weather has been killer. I love it. But noticing that leaves are hardly changing and many just falling. What’s up with that? We’d better get some vibrant colors before that blasted season called winter!

I’ve been seriously overwhelmed with the generosityof our lil’ community. A meal train was rallied on our behalf, and the food coming our way by the many families has been incredibly heart-warming. Can’t begin to express the joy we feel and the discussions we have of such each evening we sit to another warm meal provided with love. Tonight the kids were thinking of ways to give back and that was precious!

I’ve typed most of this one-handed b/c nursing wee-one… yes… pretty talented I am!

I leave you with the many faces of M!!!

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