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Rain or Shine














Me…. this weekend.
With the kids crazy schedules I am finding it challenging to keep up with the promises I’ve made to myself. I still am succeeding…. but at times it’s quite the challenge. I find myself rebuilding, rethinking, revamping….. rebirth.

This past week, boys had a call time for a show they are in, and I thought I’d drop them off and get back for my run. By the time I got back, was in complete starvation mode. I knew that if I ran, I’d be sick to my stomach, and also knew that if I ate and tried to run, it could be an even worse outcome. I seem to have this ideal window for such runs, which is AM…. before the day is getting going, before breakfast, before the chaos of life kicks in. Beyond this point there either is not enough time for me, or it’s just not an ideal situation where exercise is actually helping verse hindering my well-being.

So…. last Friday was one of those days. I miscalculated my abilities to get it all done, and I was ok with that for the day knowing that first thing Saturday, I would be doing it “for sure” still accomplishing a full three runs for the week. Ha. Well…. Saturday I wake to RAIN! First it seems it will hold, then it pours a little. Then it seems to clear enough. I head out with D to do her one mile. We get just over half way through in a pretty tiny drizzle and then complete down pour. The temp is pretty mild so I’m not freezing and not totally uncomfortable. Along the run I’m deciding whether I will carry on for my long run or not.

As we round the corner for home I figure…. it’s not all that bad. I mean how badly could it rain? I’m already wet and don’t feel all that bad…. so I’m just going to get it done! Passing by home to drop D off I head off for my 5 miles. I chose a new route this day because I have been doing the exact same route for a few weeks now and it was starting to feel old again. As I head down through the first mile and half, all is quite well. Getting into a nice groove. As I get through the next mile and a half, I think “wow I may actually make it back before it rains.” Ha…. jinxed myself. Within a half mile further, complete and utter downpour. Funny thing is, downpour sure does encourage you to pick up your pace!

As it hits all I can do is smile. “Rain or shine” I think…. “Those postal workers ain’t got nothing on me.” 🙂  But ya know…. it is a funny sense of being reborn again as I’m on this new fitness journey. I mean, at first when I could barely run a half mile I loathed every minute of it. I thought I may have completely lost my marbles for even attempting something like this. I tried doing some exercise stuff at home cause at that point…. running sucked big time. But you know with baby…. nothing was truly getting done at home. Running was my only escape to truly to take care of me….. thoroughly. So then I came to truly appreciate the time out of the house to take care of me. But I have to say, each day is a new adventure. I may not totally love love love it….. but I do….. love love love me. I do love the after-affect it has on my body. I love shedding the pounds. I love having more energy. I love being in a better mood, cause frankly how could you not be when you accomplish something so grand? I truly did not feel like getting out there in the rain that morning…. but I truly did not want to miss my run time either. It was a toss up. Run in rain or miss it completely? My body knew what to do that day. My head laughed about it the whole way. My body came home happy, exhilarated and DRENCHED! 😉 I was soaked to the bone, soggy shoes and everything.

I tell ya though, nothing more satisfying than getting in six miles, and well over twelve thousand steps in your day, all before 11am. That alone makes it worth it…. rain or shine.













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