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Rain Rain Go Away

Forecast for tomorrow, beach day, is for rain. Yuck.
Kiddos have been dying to get to a NUG beach day and this was our first planned attempt and the weather not lookin’ like it will cooperate for us. So glad we made it out to park day today, at the very least. Yesterday we spent running around exchanging a few items and attempting to find sandals for K and D. Both of them broke their more recent pair in the exact same places. Weird. But anyway, we headed to Carson’s thinking that the exchanges would cover shoes, and then they don’t even carry children’s shoes. Weirder still. The kids are so well-stocked on clothes b/c of recent b-days that they really did not need much of anything. They each picked out one item and then spent the last $2 of store credit on chocolate bars : )

Wandering around the mall looking for a Game Stop for K to spend his burning $$, we crossed a place for D to get her ears pierced. She’s very interested in doing so, but after several walks past the store she ultimately decided it was not the day to do it. I am sure it’s in the near future, but she’s gonna need a little more mulling time to muster up the courage. K spent his cash in the game store on a new Wii game and was thrilled to go home and try it out. He even put dibs on a new star wars games that is coming out in October. He is over thrilled about that prospect. Of course, I crossed a Payless to pull out a second attempt at sandals, and K found a pair, but D could not in her size.

OK… side gripe here. What the heck is up with girls shoes??? I mean really WTH is up with girls shoes these days??? There isn’t a single place I can find durable, yet cute, sandals for a young girl!!! Seriously, you can either have cute, or you can wear a boy sandal for the durability. What about the sporty girl who would like both?? AND….. NOT spend $50 on a pair that they will inevitably outgrown in just a few months?!?!?

Needless to say, frustration hit there, but we had a few things to exchange a Target, so I thought for sure we’d be OK finding sandals there. That was even worse. Strike 3 we were out and headed home. Fortunate, the weather has shifted to cooler, and not making that much of impact at this point. Hopefully in the next week or so I can track down some reasonably priced, REASONABLE sandals for these intensely growing kids!! : )

Alrighty… so home again, home again I made awesome asian noodles and fruit salad for dinner. Super yum. Today was marathon waffle day. Made us on the much later side to park day, but the beloved waffles were made and become 2 of the three meals today. Scored some size 2 diapers on freecycle for baby and swung by after an amazing park day on the lakefront to pick them up. Home on the later side, made yum-yum bean sandwiches (Gambian style! : ) with a kick-ass chopped salad. Unfortunately, not too many were hungry after the dozens of waffles they munch on all day long, but there are some yum leftovers for tomorrow!

And yes, tomorrow…. it’s predicted to rain, and I really hope it passes on by without interrupting beach day. Would be a bummer to miss another week. I was also looking forward to it b/c Sat I’m in an all-day meeting for work, and looking forward to bliss on the beach with the kiddos before being away for a full day. Likewise, it was as blissful as it could get with no errands to run, things to accomplish, nor dinner to cook! So I’m gonna just hope beach day conquers all.

Tonight I’m kickin’ back with things I could do, but why? Strange an unusual things to view on TV and I hear chocolate cake calling my name. So…. yep, that’s pretty self-explanatory.

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