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R & R

Ok, so maybe not exactly a little get-away that would provide that. Lord knows I would surely love to just go away for a bit and get some rest and just be able to ‘sit’…. really. But the next best thing? How about 4 hours in a Starbucks with NO kids?! ; )

Last week I we received in the mail that Dodge had some recalls on our car, which of course, CarMax had not considered before selling us our car. However, that said…. they were not life-threatening recalls. Just some random stuff that “could” be a problem, but not cause us to run off the road. Any rate, I called a local Dodge to see if they’d be able to get us in, and they are saying that it could potentially take up 3-4 hours to repair everything. Ok, fine. Not a problem. Well… yesterday was our appt and I really don’t know what the heck I was thinking because the kids had this (awesome) Art + Science class way up north that we were attending. Not only that, but we needed to pick up friends/kids to go up there with us for the 10a-12p class (which of course ran later b/c a few of us slackers could just not arrive on time!). And then I needed to be at 2 host family/new au pair meetings last night at 7:30p and 8:45p. So, my brain says “Sure! I can get to a 2pm car appt and wait for 4 hours to rush here and there and the other!”

Ok, so not, it did just did not happen. We did not even leave the North till about12:45p…. driving back to Edgewater to drop friends off, and then up to Evanston to drop my kids off with SBJ so they did not have sit in the dealer for 4 hours…. and then… up to Skokie to the Dodge…. by 2pm. Reality set and I called to see if I could come at 2:30p. They kinda had a hissy about it b/c they were sure things could potentially not get done by the time they close. So….. I ended up rescheduling to save my sanity. Wise choice. I was then able to help out my friend who is down and out with a broken knee. When I dropped off her kids we could stay and visit a bit and have lunch with her. It was nice to just enjoy the afternoon with them. And my meetings in the evening far less stressful because I could actually cook a meal for the family before leaving. All was great.

So, today was my rescheduled appt. And I wavered about some portion of kids coming with me. I thought maybe I should bring the baby…. but she’s done 4 hours before, so I reconsidered. Then D wanted to come, for a brief moment till I forewarned that I’d really like to get some work done and would not be entertaining during these 4 hours. And then I really grasped the full potential of having 4 hours to myself!! I packed a huge back of laptop, book, and a pile of phone calls I’ve needed to make but could never b/c my house is always in full volume chaos. The Dodge not only had this AWESOME deal on oil changes (4 for $32!! )… but offered my a shuttle ride to the very nearest Starbucks with WiFi…. and here I sit. I can’t even explain how much I have gotten done already! And still another 2 hours to do more!

I tell ya, it’s the next best thing to a get-away. I can’t recall the last time I’ve been given this complete uninterrupted time to get things completed. My head is clearing as I type this : ) And I will be able to return home joyful and open-hearted b/c so much on the to-do list has been checked off. This is a strong realization that this just has to happen more often! I have gone away before, but it’s always for meetings/work-related stuff. I don’t get much else accomplished, and therefore I still feel quite heavy when I return home… sometimes even more so because of my feelings with work as of late. This is a time to accomplish what I need to do, clear my head and refocus…. and I’m loving it. No wonder SBJ goes to the Dunkin Donuts to work so often! ; ) He’ll be sorry I caught this bug!

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