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Undoubtedly one of the most perfect days as of late. Of course, hard to beat our incredible voyage, but being home and feeling like in a post-vacay slump, this was just what we (and by we I mean me) needed. Started with some incredible weather, a lovely late morning where SBJ was awake with wee-ones and I got to sleep till 9:00am! That in itself made my day. But we had big plans. I had gotten a great referral to Berryville Farms for some strawberry and snap pea picking and we were headed on a little adventure. Didn’t get out the door till noon sharp, but we all were in fabulous spirits. We had spent the morning dreaming up our near future and just what and how we all wanted to depart on an even larger voyage. EVERYone is on board for my instigated plan of hitting the road for an extended period of time. Even K has been looking into living options and what type of vehicle we should get. There are plans to start purging household items, extend our lease (or find cheaper living) for just 9 months, and plan to depart May 18th when we leave for our favorite annual UWG retreat. SBJ and I even chatted about income sources not only between now and then, but on the road, and we all got into a lengthy discussion about campers, tiny homes, and conversions. Quite pumped that this exciting endeavor is not only well-accepted but that everyone else is just as excited about this idea as I am. That’s a lot of minds to have on board, and I can’t believe we all are! 😀

So Berryville was a quick and easy drive. Right up in Racine and really quite close to the lake as well. We have so many hands picking that we were not there more than an hour and half for both the strawberries and the snap peas, and we brought home quite a haul! Since it was so gorgeous outside we decided to drive down Sheridan Road and see if we could find beach access to enjoy. That sure was not hard. I don’t think we got further than an mile or two before we could pull off and have beach galore. Lots of rock collecting, cool breeze and sunshine! We spent a bit of time there before deciding we wanted to head home to attempt to bake a strawberry pie! Jumped in the car and I had this feeling that picking up a pizza and taking the scenic route down Sheridan Road would be really fun. It was just perfect. The kids LOVED getting pizza of course, and the drive was so nice.

As we drove into Waukegan we came across this park we had been to once before. I have a friend up there with her family and a number of years ago they invited us up to this Halloween Festival up there. The kids never forgot this park. It is quite impeccable really. Tall (really TALL) tunnel slides, large climbing things, and even this rope climber that is just enormous. It’s meant for big and little kids alike and I think that this has to be one of the best parks in IL…. hands down. Today, as we passed I pointed and said, “hey you guys remember that park???” They actually did and just begged to stop off. As we pulled into the lot we saw sprinklers going as well. M had a blast in the cool water. The older 3 ran around climbing, sliding and chasing till they were all flushed in the face. It was a really nice detour on our trek home.

We packed up and restarted the voyage home. As we got closer I pulled off for a quicky stop to pick up a few baking supplies I needed if I was going to do anything all with these strawberries. We got home quite a bit later than we anticipated, so the pie was not looking like a possibility. To compensate for that disappointment we through strawberries on top of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup as well. Yum! I spent the rest of the evening washing and packing up our of our great picks. Everything is ready for me to make and bake tomorrow. Looking forward to trying my first shot at a strawberry pie!



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