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Punched in the Head?

Yes, that’s what I said…. but what’s worse? This is a television production company: Punched in the Head based in New York. They contacted me regarding this “TV show” they wanted to do about unschooling. Hmmm….. I thought about it a bit and at first thought, “how about some good publicity for a change?” But then I had visited their website and realized that was not happening with THIS company…. not in a million. I pray that they find it hard to find families to agree to their little escapade. Any family foolish enough to agree is opening their family up to a whole mess of trouble. So my reply to their email was very earnest as I was curious and wanted to figure out what it was they wanted to do with regards to the unschooling concept. Instead of an email reply I had a producer contact me via phone to answer my questions. As she began to tell me all about their company and how “award winning” they were, she mentions following folks around to find out what a “typical day” was for an unschooling family…. (UH… has she done any research on unschooling?) and that she was looking for a family member or friend who remained a skeptic of our life choices and there would be a “debate” at the end of the show to see if we could persuade the skeptic or just agree to disagree. The first thing flashing into my head is that series I caught a glimpse of…. Breaking Amish. I felt those poor kids were taken advantage of big time. Yes, they knew what they were doing I’m sure. However, that end-all where they are on a panel and they are being ripped to shreds. What person in their right mind (especially and unschooling family) would do this type of program?

Well, I could actually think of a few. I see a few “advocates” out there who seem to think they are “doing good” by the unschooling community. But let’s face it…. they are frankly creating far more harm than good. Not only for the skeptics and their outsider-looking-in impression of what unschooling is all about, but even the ‘insiders’ who choose the life-learning philosophy. Proposing that you “know all” and that somehow deeming yourself the God(dess) image of the unschooling community is doing anyone any good? Do they realize the harm they are creating by making people feel so inferior? Do they realize that making their lives look like perfection only creates more insecurity? BE REAL FOLKS! If I were so bold to call out names I’m sure I’d create a backlash from the cult following they have created for themselves. But if they could or would take wind to what I am trying to say here….. Yes, you mean well. Yes, you speak well (even fantastically) to the unschooling philosophy….. BUT, life is filled with imperfections and unless you are willing to air your dirty laundry along with your God(dess)-like-self-deemed-status….. you are creating more harm than good. No matter how well you do representing unschooling….. BE REAL.

Any rate, after the ‘lovely’ chat with the NY producer I kindly tried to explain that media tends to heavily skew the unschooling lifestyle and philosophy and it did not sound (to me anyway) that this was any different and I was likely not a great candidate for her TV show. I apparently said it ‘just right’ because she wasted no time in hanging up with me ; )


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