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Yep… I guess that sums it up. I’ve kept my head above water in the last 2 weeks and have one more to go. It’s been good actually, just so exhausting. The daylight savings this time around just lands in this insanely busy time for everyone here, and this time…. THIS TIME around it’s affected ALL of us. No escaping. I’ve never really had a time change affect us too much. Definitely not this noticeable in the past. But this time, phew. It’s been rough. And toppled with all of these extra rehearsals being called for K’s shows. Would not be such a big deal if there weren’t a bunch of other classes we are keeping up with for everyone as well. Ended up bailing on Ms Leah last week and this just to cut back a bit. Can’t help my overwhelming sense of guilt on this decision. It’s so insane. I want to give them all that they are eager to do, but really… they are SO stinkin’ young that… why? Really, why? They need to play, enjoy and explore. They need to eat and sleep well. I feel like we are loosing the basics here, and I’m to blame for that really. I just want to give them all of these opportunities, but really… they will say ‘yes’ and ‘sure’ to just about anything now. They really love all of these activities. But how do we set boundaries? How do we set a limit and how do I get over this overwhelming panic if we let something slip by? So many opportunities to be had, and yet so many more will come our way as well. Yet something cool will come up that I know someone will love and I can’t help but bring it up to them. They of course, will say YES!, and then I will be again stuck in this chaotic schedule, not focusing on the basics!

At present I feel like we’ve been living out of a bag o’ food in the car for the last 2 days, and still one more to go. S carts around with M and they just hang in the car a lot. Well, ok, that’s not entirely true. I will find parks for us to hang at while K and D are in their classes at various times. So at the very least he’s getting that. But yea…. I have such issues with just letting things go. What if that opportunity passes? The world will not end, and another will be along. But ugh… I can’t help but feel the guilt and the overwhelming sense that I should be ‘honest’ about this opportunity to them… but yea, you get it… they always say yes ; )

Ok… so we are in the tail end of a bunch of classes here. End of Nov and Dec are quiet for us. Each has 1 activity and we will participate in some family gym somewhere. Several in the works, and being planned here and there. Needing some cabin fever cure for the week(s) we will participate somewhere in one of these gym days.

Yea… so my blog entries have been sparse. I have been so good to make a point to keep up the entries, but each night I see this as a chore b/c my eyes are cross and I’m so pooped. Hopefully this end o’ week and weekend I can catch up on a few zzzz’s and at the very least recover from this daylight savings hit. I was doing so great till this past weekend. Getting good sleep and the likes, and this shift hit me hard. Again, a total first. Oh well.

S is up… middle of the night saying he’s hungry! K woke with a stuffy nose. HOPE it’s only allergy stuff and he’s not home with some funky yucky thing. He would be so so so bummed if sick for these shows! Yipes… gotta pump him full of Vit C when he pops outta the shower. And then… off to bed for me as well…

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