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Proud Mama Moment

So in the last few months K has had some social issue-stuff come up that I have found really challenging to wade through with him. Over the summer we started spending lots more time with another homeschooling group in the area. The kids had already been taking classes with some of these kiddos prior to the summer, so we all opted to make more of an investment in getting to know them more by spending more time in their social gatherings (namely park days and beach days). It helped a great deal, for all of us. I was even feeling somewhat more connected getting to know some of the parents in this group. The kids connected with new friendships and that was great as well. K has always had some to-fro issues with connection with people. He is well-liked, but he also carries high expectations of others when he gets to know them. So during the summer he could not quite understand how a group of boys he desperately wanted to hang out with just did not seem to want to let him “in”to their crowd. He struggled with trying to break that barrier. It was rough b/c he is just as non-verbal as they are, and those boys have known each other for several years. So it did create a very pain-staking process to his involvement with them. He would often complain that he did not know how to hang out with them, what to talk about and was sure they just did not like him. As summer passed and classes started up again, he was again in some classes with each of these boys. He struggled again with feeling connected to them in some way. Wondering how he could truly turn the acquaintanceship into a friendship. This past week he had yet another head-butt with an individual, which lead to another b/c 2 boys were friends and K did not exactly say something nice about one friend to another friend. We had talked about it a great deal after this had happened, and I was hopeful he could work this out. K was determined to still try things out with them. As much as he complained about what was going on, he did not want to bail on future class he would be doing with them, and instead said he’d still try. During that class this past Friday, he told me he was approached by the boy who was indirectly insulted by him (K). (K had said that this boy was sometimes rude, to a friend of his. Of course this friend heard about this.) K handled himself quite well, and even apologized for saying what he had said…. after they had chatted about it. And it sounds like things were worked out. At least in tween-age verbiage it sounds like it was worked out : ) I am super proud that he had taken it to that level, and super proud that he not only stood up for himself, but had the decency to apologize! Yippee on that front! I hope that this was as encouraging to him as it was to me. Without homeschooling, one is just fed to the wolves. In the daily grind a child is left to fend for themselves, warding off what feels like bullying. K really needed that time to digest this transition, realize his part as well as the parts of others. I do hope that having this unfold will open up new doors for him, and he feels like new relationships are forming in a positive light. He’s such a super cool kid. Anyone would be fool not to see that of him ; )

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