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Gripey, but happy! – Nakita Baby
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Gripey, but happy!

Part of me doesn’t even want to post today out of fear that I will sound very gripey. It’s been a long day, but overall things were quite good. So despite the potential gripe that will ooze from my finger tips, I really feel quite at ease this evening and eager to turn on a Netflix-flic and kick back for a bit. Last night was one of the worst we’d had in a long, long while. Not quite sure why even, but it just was. One of those where S was sure he’d nurse the full 10 hours and K was all snotty in the nose and snorting instead of blowing (drive a mama bonkers), and the everyone else up b/c of the racket. By about 2am I, in a huge haste and probably a nasty word or two, stormed out of the bedroom and onto the couch. Ironically, everyone slept pretty great the rest of the evening. S did not even come looking for me, and K was finally asleep. The bedroom was silent. I tossed a bit, and really did not sleep but 2 hours when everyone crawled out of the bedroom by about 8am and I crawled back in to sleep a tad.

Needless to say, there was very low energy in the house today and yet we plunged through the list of things to do. Game club for K felt like the longest ever and as I sat realized I could have easily skipped that endeavor this week. And then afterwards we headed through the bank, post office and grocery store. And as much as I wanted to bag those items on the agenda as well, I was so insanely pleased they were done b/c now I can kick back for this ENTIRE weekend and not drive absolutely anywhere… should I choose to : ) Tomorrow is a day of no computer and no driving. I’m thrilled!! Sunday, being mother’s day I think I will venture out during the afternoon to pop in on my mother, but that’s about it for the day. I have not had a weekend like this in about 3 months (or more even) so I am very excited to take advantage of the time… and rest.

And shockingly, despite everyone’s lagging tiredness we had a wonderfully peaceful day, and even seamless adventure to the grocery store. K and I even had a super cool chat about some indepth feelings on things. D and I shared quite a few stories at the library one-on-one while K was in game club and S wandered around playing. And S was not at all as fussy as I had pressumed he’d end up by the end of the day.

With a fully stocked fridge I was inspired to try some new grub. Checked out the vegan cookbook and took a spin on something in there. I love this new book b/c it not only gives great recipes to cook, and great recipes that you can tweak to work for your family and their tastes, but it is really quite explicit about cooking times which I just LOVE most of all. Like it will say “throw the carrots on till cooked -about 3 min… now the garlic… about 2 min…. and then the — just 1 min.” I just LOVE that b/c the veggies come out just absolutely perfect and the flavors are awesome. And eventhough I tweaked tonight’s recipe to fit the tastes of the fam’, it still really worked wonderfully!

I was ambitious to put a new project on my calendar as though tonight would be a great night to start on it, but I am going to take the time and luxury of kicking back with a flic from Netflix and enjoy the quiet before turning in instead. I deserve it : )

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