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For centuries the art of henna (or Mehndi) has been traditionally practiced for weddings, rites of passage and joyous celebration, practiced in India, Africa, and the Middle East, where the henna plant is believed to bring love and good fortune, and to protect against evil.

I am available to come out to service your party, festival, mother’s blessing, fundraiser (or any gathering) with original henna designs. I bring a portfolio of designs for guests to choose from for your unlimited hour. Note: If you are interested in hiring for a private/personal henna design, fees would vary based on your design wishes. Please contact me directly for more information on fees for what you’d like to do.

Parties are book for an unlimited design hour. The one hour minimum is $95, with each quarter hour after $20 per.

A minimum $25 non-refundable PayPal deposit is required to book your party. If you are unable to keep your appointment you may utilize this deposit towards a rescheduled appointment or other product from Nakita Baby Craft Shop. You may also simply purchase the full 1-hour minimum at one time.

Cash or check is accepted for the balance of the appointment and/or products purchased.  A $15.00 surcharge will be issued on returned checks for insufficient funds. PayPal will also be accepted with a $5.00 fee added.


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