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This little diddy came across my FB feed the other day and time stood still for a second for me:

Summer_Maeves bday_2015 437One of those things that came to me at a wonderful time to remind me of things that may be apparently needed, yet I might be missing. I am always one to attempt to always be in the present. In fact, it is something I often say to my kids when they ask “what’s next?!” But this little diddy has deeper meaning (at least it did for me that day) in that sometimes, our kiddos are calling out in different ways that we may be missing due to the busy-ness of our days. And this particular day, M was calling out to me. By the end of a very very busy day, she said she just needed to take a walk with me, and me alone. She did not want to share the walk with anyone else, and so….. I just made that happen. Let it be known that a few of the other kidlets were not happy about that decision, but also those that voiced their opposition are those that get *far* more one-on-one time with me out of anyone else. So…. hmmmm… “chalk it up” I mention to them. It’s her turn. She’s begging for this time, and just few minutes can change a situation drastically.

It was late. We did not get dinner ready and eaten till later that evening, and she was really kind of nervous about walking in the dark. It’s been getting dark by 7pm lately and so even at 6:30p she was grumbling about it and really hesitant regarding it getting dark already. Well…. I urged her to still go with me telling her I’d hold her hand the whole way, and it will be quite a nice peaceful walk. We headed out the door and walked towards the Dunkin Donuts for a scoop of ice cream. I ask her a few random questions as we walk, but she’s not really in the chatty kinda mood. She answers me, but it’s not really sparking conversation, so I leave it at that.

Once we arrive at DD we get very chatty about which ice cream we are going to pick and of course settle on the family favorite…. peanut butter chocolate in a cone! We lick and walk. Lick and walk. She’s quiet. She’s enjoying her cone. I may say a word or two here or there, but mostly we just walk. A mere 25-30 minutes later we’re back home. She’s so calm. So peaceful. She’s ready for bed. The next day she argues with no one. She’s happy and chatty and playful. All (I attribute) to just being present with her mama for a mere half hour of her day. It was quite a lesson for me. Not one I was unfamiliar with, but one that certainly bolds well to be reminded of.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the phone, emails, texts. Life, household, kids, hubby. Work, play, friends, community.

A deep breath….. some silence….. some “being present….. impacts everything.”

Love it.


















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