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preg5_March2014¬†All is going quite well. Each week feels like another milestone. With two miscarriages under our belt, it was such a breath-taker/reliever to get past 15 weeks when we had miscarried our little blighted ovum. We found a fetal Doppler thinga-ma-jig and have been doing a weekly heart check on baby. It’s such a fun experience to hear baby moving around in there and track the heartbeat. Everyone has their theories on whether its a boy or a girl. I personally feel I’m still sticking with my gut reaction which was girl.

First trimester went pretty smoothly. The only real hiccup was the exhaustion. I could tell you each day when it was about 2-3pm because I felt pretty much like the walking dead. I could fall comatose in the blink of an eye. That energy has since been coming back. A long day may get me feeling like a nap again, but not nearly as intense as that first trimester. I did not have any morning sickness of sorts, but certainly did have food aversions. I knew when I should run from something that sounded (or smelled) like it could cause me some agony ūüėČ

We are at ours second trimester now. Heading to the end of our 17th week. I recall profoundly feeling babies move at just about this time with other pregnancy. This wee-one I have been feeling already! In fact, I’d say a good 2-ish weeks now I have been pretty confident certain sensations are baby moving. The kids are dying to feel a baby kick. Just need a few more ounces and certainly they were share in that joy as well.

We saw this great Body Works exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum this past weekend and they had this fetal/baby development display within it. It was quite amazing. From the initial cells dividing up to about 28 weeks. They even had a 15 and 16 weeks fetus so we got to truly see just how big baby was (approximately of course) at this point in time. So totally cool for all of us.

This trimester’s hiccup seems to be Pelvic Girdle Pain. This hit me just in the last couple of days. I have been online researching sciatic pain and come to find out that what I actually have is PGP. It’s not fun. But¬†I have found some really great pelvic floor exercises that help some, as well as this GREAT¬†“do-it-yourself-joint-pain-relieve” guy on YouTube that had some¬†really really great relief exercises that I’ve recently¬†tried out. The key, obviously, will be¬†creating some continuity to¬†utilizes these techniques and keeping things in check. I¬†not all that great with continuity, especially for myself, but seeing and feeling relief will¬†certainly be the motivator here.

All-in-all¬†I am having a super great pregnancy…. yet again. I’m thrilled to have this one more go-around. And so excited to meet this little one. We have names! Yay! A boy name and a girl name all agreed upon. SBJ is in charge of middle names and he’s still working on that one. But first names have been decided and that makes it even more exciting!!! ūüėČ

Looking forward to warmer weather an lightening the clothing load! We plan to get a 20-ish week ultrasound at an independent facility. And really just looking forward to summer!


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