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Poor Baby

So this past week we did our seasonal thrifting spree to see what decent wardrobe additions we can pick up before hitting some retail spots. This time I got wise for sanity sake and took the boys separate from the girls. Surprising two separate trips to thrift was far more reasonable than shopping with five kids in tow. (We scored big for all too!)

So… the boys went first. A pretty uneventful and quiet shopping with the male offspring. The girls’ was pretty uneventful…. the shopping part that is…. until we left the store. We’re walking towards the car and kind of in a hurry to get home as K had his D&D group coming and he was taking care of baby C. As I’m climbing into the car, D calls from the other side, “MOMMY! There is a baby alone in that car next to us!” I am sort of in disbelief. I think it can’t possible be, and I’m about to leave, and she’s like “no really, look! The baby is crying mommy!”

I get out of the car and sure enough, a wee one in the back seat, strapped in a car seat, crying and crying. Poor thing crying so much he throws up on himself. I go to get my phone and D says, I see a police over there. I run across the parking lot to flag down the police and tell them what’s going on. They pull over behind the car and look in and then decide they will stroll around to the stores to see if they can find the guardian that left the baby in there.

At this point, I’m kinda freaking out. They are soooooo nonchalant about the whole situation. Strolling along from Walgreens, to the Thrift Store, to the Dollar Store. The one cop is looking in the stores, the other cop standing there at the car. I’m asking him why they are not breaking the window or calling the fire department or something???  He says “well, we want to see if we can find the guardian before just breaking the window.” I’m thinking…. “screw the guardian, the baby is vomiting on himself.” I do say, “ummm…. that seems a little absurd! It’s HOT out here and you have no idea how long he’s been trapped in there. He’s crying and vomiting on himself.”

I think he was feeling a bit pressured by my insistent nagging (as he SHOULD!!!) but he still awaits. The partner emerges from the Dollar Tree with the father who has a SMILE ON HIS FACE. I’m livid. I’m asking him why he finds this funny. He tells the cops, “well, he was asleep there when we got here so we left him to sleep.” Ummm…… @#)*!@&%(#*

The cops appear as though they are going to just let him go without a single repercussion. I can’t even stand it any longer. I pull out of the parking spot basically waving my finger at him and the cops….. shouting something about child endangerment, but really….. what does one do when authorities are not enforcing something so insanely wrong??

I commend D. I tell her she likely saved baby’s life. It was a hot and humid day and we were sweating outside of the car. Sweating with the windows open!!! I can’t imagine what that poor wee one was feeling. I’m torn up about it all. D was/is too… She and M still talk about that crazy incident today. We were greatly affected by the sheer blatant neglect to the entire situation from all parties.




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